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Online Learner Engagement

The Secrets of Learner Engagement and Online Course Development

This is the first of a two-part series about online learner engagement.  If every topic of every course was fascinating stuff that learners were hungry to learn, then engagement would be no problem. However, course content sometimes isn’t all that engaging, which means your employees are not getting the training they need to help your business thrive. However, there are some simple tips for designing online training that will increase employee engagement and help make a difference in your bottom line. Engage learners by providing choice The primary rule of engagement is to make the course into a series of…

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How Have Course Authoring Tools Changed and Improved?

Udutu has been giving away a powerful, free, online course authoring tool since 2006. So far, nearly 89,000 organizations have created authoring tool accounts and have published more than 177,000 courses in the last 12 years. In recent years, the team at Udutu has been noticing changes to both content and course design. Let's explore what is driving the changes. How Have Course Authoring Tools Changed and Improved Since 2006? In 2006, when Udutu first started providing our course offering tool for free, it was still taken for granted that the best way to learn something was to take a…

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Employee Training

How to Supercharge Your Employee Training | Udutu Online Learning Management News

Each month Udutu publishes Personal Online Learning Management News, a curated selection of articles about online learning, LMS other topics related to employee training. Three Tips To Supercharge Employee Training Studies show that engaged employees, whether new hires or current staff, enjoy 20% greater productivity at work thanks to employee training. So, it makes sense to ensure your employees are engaged during the training process, rather than perceiving it as a humdrum task to complete. But the question remains: is your training actually engaging? This three-step checklist gives you the answer. Read more >> #MeToo: How to Train Employees to…

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Misconceptions About Online Learning

5 Misconceptions About Online Learning

For some, online education is an urban myth. Online learning has become ubiquitous with the internet expanding exponentially in the last decade and the advent of mass handheld devices, but so have the myths. In this blog post, we look at some of the common myths about online learning that we come across everyday. Common Myths of Online Learning Online Learning is difficult.The most common misconception amongst all new online leaners is that online learning is somehow very difficult. This is certainly not true as the content and difficulty of the course or the content depends on the content creator…

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The Advantages Of Being An ELearner

The Advantages of being an eLearner

What exactly is an eLearner? Well simply put, an eLearner is any individual who engages in electronic technologies to access educational, training or developmental content outside of traditional learning methods. Over the years, there have been many terms used to define an eLearner such as a distant learner, online learner and electronic learner. The Advantages of eLearning Regardless of what we call an eLearner, there are certain advantages that eLearners enjoy over traditional learners. Here we list some of them to encourage you to give eLearning a try. Cost Effectiveness: Regardless of the provider or the platform, most eLearning content…

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