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February 17, 2018

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Three Tips To Supercharge Employee Training

Studies show that engaged employees, whether new hires or current staff, enjoy 20% greater productivity at work thanks to employee training. So, it makes sense to ensure your employees are engaged during the training process, rather than perceiving it as a humdrum task to complete.

But the question remains: is your training actually engaging? This three-step checklist gives you the answer.


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#MeToo: How to Train Employees to Speak Up

“How do we empower everyone who sees behavior that feels inappropriate? How do we all play a role in speaking up?” asks Joelle Emerson, CEO of Paradigm, a diversity and inclusion firm in San Francisco.

Taking a cue from a cultural seismic shift, the banking industry is attempting to revamp a corporate formality that too often has been fodder for sophomoric office jokes — sexual harassment training. Here are some strategies being discussed that help employees speak up.


employee training

4 Tips For Creating Engaging Online Courses

What does it take to create a course that keeps people coming back? How can employers overcome the low engagement and learning outcomes often associated with online training?

“Keep learning modules short” and “don’t overuse video” are just some best practices that will help you create engaging online courses for your employees.


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New Hires Won’t Succeed Unless You Onboard Them Properly

Research shows that spending as much as a year helping new employees get up to speed in the workplace is necessary to capitalize on the skills, knowledge, and excitement they bring to the organization.

However, on average companies lose 17% of their new hires during the first three months. This makes the onboarding process a critical part of employee training.


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