Authoring Tool Pricing

Authoring Tool Pricing

Udutu Standard Plan

*Udutu Authoring Tool is completely FREE if you deliver courses using Udutu’s LMS. You can use Udutu’s Authoring Tool to create unlimited content and publish to our LMS absolutely FREE for up to 5 users per month.

Open Publishing License
# of licenses 1 3 5 10+
Annual price $199 $499 $749 $999

*The license is required only if you need to publish to another LMS or to another type of hosting service.

If you are representing an educational institution, then please contact us for pricing.

Create Authoring Account

Begin designing your online content right away by signing up for an Authoring Tool account. Our easy-to-use eLearning authoring tool allows you to create as many courses as you want completely FREE. Only pay to download to a non-Udutu LMS!

Key Features

Udutu’s Course authoring tool is an easy‑to‑use and easy‑to‑master, web based tool helping you create engaging content that gets results.

Pre-Designed Templates – Templates allow you to effortlessly present engaging material to learners through interactions, gamification styled scenarios, and rich media presentations. Add branching simulations, case-studies, interactive quizzes, and complex assessments to your online courses.

Supports Multimedia – The Udutu online course authoring tool supports all major graphic, sound, and video formats which are automatically optimized for web delivery. With little to no media production experience, you can easily integrate multimedia into your online courses.

SCORM Compliant – Courses extracted from our authoring tool are SCORM compliant and integrate seamlessly into any SCORM compliant LMS system. If you don’t have an LMS, try our online LMS system. Our LMS supports any SCORM compliant courses you may already have.

Upload PowerPoints – If you are new to online learning or quickly need to get your training online, easily upload your PowerPoint presentations and turn them immediately into engaging courses without the need to learn the tool. The perfect solution.

Privacy Policy

When you sign up for an Authoring Tool account we will send an automated confirmation to your email address. You must then click on the link provided to validate the account. We use this measure to prevent abuse from spammers. Udutu Learning Systems will not disclose your email address to any third party. All information you provide to us remains confidential.

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