Launch your training quickly

Businesses, institutions, and subject-matter experts all over the world rely on Udutu’s Learning Management System (LMS) to quickly  launch, manage, and scale training programs. By providing a secure, centralized environment that empowers global teams to collaborate, author, and track training, Udutu’s web-based LMS saves time, reduces costs, and makes training more effective.


Build the Perfect Online Training Programs

We have 18 years of experience in building and designing training solutions. We can help you set up your LMS in order to curate the perfect training delivery program that your learners can access anywhere, anytime.

Monetize Your Curriculum, Increase Your Revenue

Leverage Udutu’s built-in e-commerce to sell courses worldwide to customers, vendors, or partners.

Control Your Branding

Easily create your own custom login page and customize the look and feel of the user interface to maintain a consistent branding without worrying about coding.

Deploy Training in Just Hours, Not Weeks or Months

Udutu’s turn-key, cloud-based platform deploys immediately. Launch training in hours instead of weeks or months.

No Set-up Costs

Quickly launch your own LMS at no cost with Udutu. Don’t have the time or expertise? Udutu has several set-up packages to get you up and running quickly.

Maintain Compliance Through Real-time Reports

Demonstrate compliance through real time, out-of-the-box reports. Quickly set-up automated course renewals.

Udutu LMS empowers training departments, safety and compliance managers, HR teams and others to collaborate, author, distribute, and track training. Udutu LMS has allowed single organizations to scale and train 25,000 learners.

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