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How Can ELearning Help A Small Business?

How can eLearning help a Small Business?

In the era of cut throat competition and shrinking margins, small businesses are under constant pressure. Anyone who has had the experience of running a business knows how difficult it can be to keep operating costs low and profits reasonable. This is especially difficult when turnover is high and subsequently standards drop. Effectively, the consistency of products and services being offered over time define profits, but the thing to remember is that consistency depends a lot on training. Research has shown that quality training has a direct correlation with quality and consistency of service, and ultimately with business reputation and…

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Adult Learner

The Rise of the Adult Learner

A Human Learner is a complex being dependent on a variety of correlating social and intellectual variables. When it comes to e-learning, this process becomes even more complex, leading to a need to develop a categorization of differences between online and traditional learners. The e-learning industry as a whole has developed an indication of these differences through trial & error and following trends & cultural clusters, best exemplified by the popularity of the short video format (1-4 minutes) and its widespread use in implementing training. However, there is not a lot of focus on the science or psychology behind these choices…

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