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Welcome to our Multi-Tenant LMS Powerful, Intuitive, Seamless

Welcome to our Multi-Tenant Learning Management System (LMS), where we offer a comprehensive suite of powerful tools designed to enhance your training experience. Our platform provides an intuitive Training Command Center, dedicated information portals, and seamless integrations, enabling you to efficiently manage and distribute training materials with unparalleled ease.

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What is Multi-Tenancy?

Multi-tenancy is a system where multiple businesses or organizations can operate independently within a shared environment. Udutu’s Multi-tenancy solution allows businesses to maintain their autonomy while leveraging shared resources and a unified platform. It offers customized interfaces, data, and user experiences while providing common features and functionality. This solution enables businesses to operate independently while benefiting from the efficiency and consistency of a shared environment.

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Multi-Tenant LMS

Managing and distributing training has never been easier. Here’s why our LMS is the perfect fit for your needs:


Employing a singular system for multiple divisions or departments, as opposed to acquiring individual systems for each, effectively reduces the costs associated with setup, maintenance, and ongoing updates and upgrades. These processes are managed at the installation level and seamlessly disseminated to each tenant.

Personalized Learning

The multi-tenant architecture affords the opportunity to establish distinct and comprehensive Learning Management Systems (LMS) for each department, campus, or organization. Each platform can be customized with unique branding and organizational structures, catering to the specific learning objectives of each tenant.

Centralized Control with Delegated LMS Management

Within a multi-tenant LMS, it is possible to assign custom permissions to different users across separate tenants. This flexibility allows for the appointment of distinct eLearning managers for each branch, department, or franchise, ensuring centralized control while maintaining autonomy for individual tenants.

Consolidated Reporting

By consolidating all departments, divisions, or teams within a single database, it becomes feasible to generate both individual reports for each tenant and aggregate data from multiple tenants for comprehensive reporting purposes.

Efficient Deployment

The deployment of a new learning environment is expedited when employing a multi-tenant LMS, as the main software installation is already operational, eliminating the need for time-consuming setup procedures associated with single-tenant LMS implementations.

Course Distribution

Effortlessly distribute specific courses or even comprehensive learning paths from a centralized hub. Seamlessly push these resources to all or select Learning Management System (LMS) accounts. Gain insights and conveniently compare completion rates for individual accounts through an intuitive and user-friendly dashboard.

Additional Features:

Seamless Integrations: Our LMS seamlessly integrates with HR software, e-commerce platforms, and content management systems. Say goodbye to manual data entry and enjoy the benefits of automated processes, data synchronization, and streamlined workflows. Unlock the full potential of your existing systems with our comprehensive integrations.

Unlimited Certificates: Recognize and reward your learners’ achievements with unlimited certificates. Whether it’s completing a course, mastering a skill, or reaching a milestone, our LMS allows you to easily generate and distribute certificates to celebrate success.

Authoring Tool (Content Creation Tool): Create engaging and interactive training content with our built-in Authoring Tool. No coding or technical expertise required. Effortlessly develop custom courses, quizzes, and assessments to meet your organizations specific needs. Empower your trainers to create high-quality content that delivers impactful learning experiences.

SCORM and Course Export: Our LMS supports SCORM standards, allowing you to import and export courses seamlessly. Whether you have existing SCORM-compliant content or want to share your courses with other platforms, our LMS ensures compatibility and flexibility.

PowerPoint to SCORM Converter: Convert your PowerPoint presentations into SCORM-compliant courses with ease. Leverage your existing training materials and transform them into interactive and engaging e-learning experiences. Our PowerPoint to SCORM Converter saves you time and effort while enhancing the effectiveness of your training materials.

Unlimited Learning Paths: Tailor learning journeys for your organization with unlimited learning paths. Design personalized and sequential learning experiences that guide learners through a logical progression of courses and topics. Customize the curriculum to address specific training needs and skill development goals.

Unlimited Uploads and Embeds of Training Documentation: Our LMS provides you with unlimited storage for training documentation. Upload and embed training materials, documents, videos, and resources to support your training initiatives. Keep all relevant information easily accessible in one centralized location.

Premium Support (White Glove Service): With our Premium Support, you can expect top-notch assistance from our dedicated team. Our experts are ready to provide personalized guidance, troubleshoot issues, and offer proactive solutions. Experience our White Glove Service

Our Products

We have the full suite of training solutions to get your learning programs off the ground – quickly, easily, and on budget.

Authoring Tool

Udutu’s cloud-based, SCORM compliant Course Authoring Tool allows you to quickly create online training for your business anywhere you have an internet connection.

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Udutu LMS

Businesses, institutions and subject-matter experts all over the world rely on Udutu’s Learning Management System (LMS) to quickly launch, manage, and scale training programs.

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PPT to SCORM Converter

Our PowerPoint to HTML5 converter allows you to convert your PowerPoints into a web ready, SCORM compliant course in one simple click, saving you time and effort.

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