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Inexpensive Online Services Often Provide Quality Results

Does Higher Cost Mean It’s Better?

Does Higher Cost Mean It’s Better? It’s an old saying… one I heard my parents use often.  And I freely admit that I’ve said it a few times myself. You get what you pay for! What does this phrase mean?  The implication is that cost equals quality.  If a thing or a service is inexpensive then the quality is less than a comparable item of higher cost.  And there is certainly truth to this saying for many things.  For example, a $100 desk is likely made of particle board with paper “woodgrain” glued on it where a $1000 desk may be…

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How to Gauge When Building Online Courses is The Best Option

Building online courses has never been easier, thanks to rapid development authoring tools. With WYSIWYG editors and no knowledge of coding required, today’s authoring tools allow you to upload pre-existing content (such as PowerPoint decks), create new templates from scratch if you wish, or use provided templates which are easily customizable to your content needs. As schools and businesses adjusted their operations to account for the COVID-19 global pandemic, many people with no prior instructional design experience found themselves being asked to either purchase or create online courses. There are several factors to consider when faced with the decision of…

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Employee Training

Making the Case for Effective Online Training

Every business, from a small family-run restaurant to a major corporation succeeds only with effectively trained employees. Training keeps employees safe, reduces operational costs, improves productivity and, ultimately, increases profitability. In contrast, a business with improperly trained staff will typically stagnate and ultimately fail. In some cases, the business may simply neglect to train their employees. However, it's more common for businesses to spend time and money on training programs that just don't work. Employees may receive training--but, for a variety of reasons, the training is ineffective. Happily, web-based training, is a way to efficiently deliver training that works. With…

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Online Learner Engagement

The Secrets of Learner Engagement and Online Course Development

This is the first of a two-part series about online learner engagement.  If every topic of every course was fascinating stuff that learners were hungry to learn, then engagement would be no problem. However, course content sometimes isn’t all that engaging, which means your employees are not getting the training they need to help your business thrive. However, there are some simple tips for designing online training that will increase employee engagement and help make a difference in your bottom line. Engage learners by providing choice The primary rule of engagement is to make the course into a series of…

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How Have Course Authoring Tools Changed and Improved?

Udutu has been giving away a powerful, free, online course authoring tool since 2006. So far, nearly 89,000 organizations have created authoring tool accounts and have published more than 177,000 courses in the last 12 years. In recent years, the team at Udutu has been noticing changes to both content and course design. Let's explore what is driving the changes. How Have Course Authoring Tools Changed and Improved Since 2006? In 2006, when Udutu first started providing our course offering tool for free, it was still taken for granted that the best way to learn something was to take a…

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