Earn Easy Money by Selling Online Courses

Earn Easy Money by Selling Online Courses
May 26, 2016

When it comes to making easy money, nothing comes close to selling online courses for a fee. Everyone is an expert in one field or the other and all that is needed, is to leverage those skills and expertise to make a course and earn easy money. However, a lot of new users have a fear of the unknown and the fear of failure. They worry too much about whether they are going to make it or not in this seemingly difficult terrain of e-learning.  Udutu being the expert in online learning since 2005, has learnt a lot about students and instructors alike and as to what motivates them. To help you out, we have compiled a list of the seven things you should not worry about if you are thinking about creating your online courses.


Don’t Worry if the course you want to create has already been created. That actually is a good thing, because now you know for sure that there is a demand out there for the content you want to create. Everyone has a unique perspective on things, and your unique perspective can help you bring a new flavor to a course that is already in huge demand.

Don’t worry if you start creating your first course and it doesn’t look that good. Here is a secret; 99% of course authors who are making loads of money right now began with a poor course. And why is it so? Because everyone starts slow and optimizes the process along the way. Its like wanting to be an actor; if you compare your first performance with Al Pacino’s in “Scent of a Woman”, of course you will fall short. Instead compare your performance with his when he began.

Don’t worry if you can’t find a topic to make a course about. It happens to everyone! All you need to do is systematically think about what specific problem you want to solve for people, because that’s what online courses do primarily. To solve specific problems people have, just research a little and figure out what problems people would like to be solved. For e.g., learning to use Excel, or how to write a good story are problems for people. The course you make doesn’t need to be fancy; it just needs to solve a problem for a certain niche. Remember that your skills and knowledge you take for granted might be huge problems for some other people.

Don’t worry if you are not an expert on the course you want to make. No one is and no one will ever be because there is always someone better out there who can make you feel like a nobody. Instead all you need to be is “competent” and honest. That’s it. And competency is a skill that can be accomplished by learning. A lot of the best teachers out there started off as leaners. What they simply do is that they learn about a topic extensively and make a course out of it. Actually it works in their favor because as they are not experts to begin with, they don’t make any assumptions about their students as well and explain things more extensively. Moreover, as the knowledge is fresh in their minds, they can recall it better and organize themselves in a way that a new learner would find more beneficial

Don’t worry if you think no one will pay for your course. They will. Price is a marker of quality in this world, and a paid course is always thought of as better than a free course given both contain the same content. That’s just consumer psychology. Moreover, even though content better than yours might be available for free out there if someone looked hard enough, it wont make a difference because people don’t like searching for stuff. And that’s the deal. A lot of users don’t want to waste time looking for content when they can pay for content right in front of them and get it then and there. The secret is to organize it in a learner friendly way; the content itself just has to be good and not necessarily great.

Don’t worry if you think you don’t have enough content to make a comprehensive course. The thing is you want to start small anyway. Your first few courses should be small (30 – 60 mins) so that you get a hang of how to make your own courses and market them accordingly to the right audiences. Creating long courses is a waste of time unless you have a huge consumer base already built up which you know will consume your content. So start slow and work your way up slowly.

Don’t worry if you think it will cost you a lot to make and sell your courses. It wont. Use cost effective platforms such as Udutu which make creating and selling courses a breeze. Platforms such as Udutu have free course authoring tools and an LMS to go with it that makes it extremely inexpensive to sell and market your course. You can begin your journey towards a stable passive income at practically no cost whatsoever.




So stop worrying and just do it! There is no limit to what you can accomplish if you stop worrying and start doing! Thousands of your future students await you!




Here at Udutu, we take great pride in helping our clients avoid mistakes and implement cost effective, undisruptive and engagement based learning solutions that actually make a difference. Contact us to help us help you make this transition.

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