About Us


About Us

Imagine the year is 1995. Our founders, a visionary university research team, saw the boundless potential of the burgeoning World Wide Web for revolutionizing online training and learning. From the beginning, Udutu has been at the forefront of innovation, developing pioneering applications to streamline content creation, user management, and training delivery.

Initially, convincing the world of the efficacy of online training was an uphill battle. However, our groundbreaking solutions quickly demonstrated that e-learning could not only match but often surpass the effectiveness of traditional face-to-face training. As the market began to recognize these advantages, it became inundated with numerous solutions, making the choice more challenging than ever.

Today, Udutu has evolved from a software provider to a cutting-edge solutions consulting company. While we continue to offer our own state-of-the-art products, our primary focus is on staying deeply connected with organizations that understand the critical role of training in their success. We are dedicated to addressing existing challenges and anticipating future ones, especially as new generations enter the workforce and emerging technologies, like AI, transform the landscape.

Our commitment to innovation drives us to continuously develop and enhance solutions that meet these evolving needs. When our own products aren’t the perfect fit, our extensive expertise and industry connections enable us to recommend the best alternatives or devise creative workarounds using your existing tools.

That’s why we are passionate about consulting. We offer a complimentary initial consultation, even if there’s no immediate interest in purchasing our software. This consultation is a win-win: you gain valuable insights and suggestions to simplify your training challenges, and we gain a deeper understanding of the pain points and opportunities in the market. This invaluable feedback fuels our ongoing development and keeps us at the cutting edge of e-learning innovation.

Book a consultation with one of our e-learning experts today and discover how Udutu can help you navigate the future of training with custom, innovative solutions tailored to your unique needs.

3 Reasons to Book a Consultation Today:

  • Responsive: Real people to help you quickly solve any issue
  • Customer Focused: Real customer service – like the old days
  • Expertise: Real L&D and product support experts for advice and developmental assistance

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