About Us


Who We Are

The Udutu team began as researchers at Royal Roads University Canada, and during the late 1990’s and the early 21st century, won numerous international awards for their innovative and groundbreaking contributions to the emerging world of online learning and training.

What We Do

At Udutu, we’re dedicated to making online learning and training easier, more effective, and more easily available. To that end, we decided to empower everyone with expertise to share, so they could create and control their own content. Hence the name Udutu (You Do Too). This empowerment included making a powerful and easy-to-use authoring tool completely free.

Our Mission

Udutu’s mission is to provide its clients with ultimate peace of mind by offering risk-free, effective high-quality eLearning solutions, and customer service at the best value in the market. We continue to conceive and develop new and better tools and offer an inexpensive, user-friendly business model that makes it possible for organizations of every size to have a complete and effective training and learning system.

3 Reasons to Call Us Today:

  • Responsive: Real people to help you quickly solve any issue
  • Customer Focused: Real customer service – like the old days
  • Expertise: Real L&D and product support experts for advice and developmental assistance

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