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The Udutu business model, characterized by the provision of free software, has positioned us as a leading contributor to the development of a vast array of courses encompassing numerous topics. This extensive experience has granted us invaluable insights into prevalent training challenges faced by organizations, along with a diverse library of pre-developed content.

If you are seeking to create a course, our expertise can potentially save you significant time and resources. We offer professionally developed content and interactive elements that can be seamlessly adapted and branded to suit your specific needs. To preview our range of pre-designed courses, kindly click on the links below (please ensure that pop-ups are enabled). By leveraging our services, you can optimize your course development process and enhance its appeal to a wider audience.

Work With Udutu’s Online Course Design Experts

Udutu’s pre-designed courses have been developed to save you the time, effort, and money otherwise needed to invest in sourcing or developing a tailored eLearning solution that meets your training requirements.



Guaranteed uniformity and ease-of-use, since all of our courses are designed in our user-friendly interface.



Brand the course to your corporate branding or have our graphics team do it for you.



Add your own content that is relevant and specific to your organization or have our instructional designers assist you in adapting the courses to meet your requirements.


SCORM Compliant

All courses are SCORM compliant and can be deployed cost-effectively through our LMS. They will also work with any other SCORM-compliant LMS.

Case Study


Udutu worked with Elections BC to develop and deliver a training program for 25,000 electoral officials located in various locations around BC. The training course had to be engaging and easy to navigate because of the large demographic of election officials, some with little to no computer literacy.

This training program also included a face-to-face component that required 87 local administrators enroll and track completion in the LMS. This training program had to be delivered to all 25,000 trainees over a 60 day period with 24/7 access.

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Case Study

WorkSafe BC

WorkSafe BC is a Crown Corporation organization dedicated to the improvement of workplace safety across all industries in the province of British Columbia, Canada. The organization is interested in reaching the widest possible audience, and must teach thousands of workers and supervisors across every industry from Forestry to Hospitality.

To achieve its workplace safety goals, WorkSafe BC enlisted Udutu to assist with the development of course content, and then deploy the training to tens of thousands of workers located all across the province, even in remote locations with varying levels of connectivity. One challenge WorkSafe BC has is keeping track of which industries and which companies are represented by the participants who take their courses. WorkSafe BC makes its training content free to use, but requires user information to commence with coursework. In some cases WorkSafe BC online training content is used to issue certifications. Many companies also request permission to re-use the courses, in whole or in part, sometimes with customizations or branding changes, and WorkSafe BC has been generous in sharing its intellectual property to make this happen. Udutu has assisted WorkSafe BC to make all of this possible, including helping develop course content, and subsequent LMS management. One course alone, “Supervising for Safety,” has more than 23,000 active learners registered.

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