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Developing Online Curriculum

5 Tips For Developing Online Curriculum

Developing online curriculum can be both exciting and overwhelming for many businesses. Online learning is attractive for employers because it is straightforward to deliver, and can be scaled more easily, compared to traditional classroom-based instruction. However, there are some pitfalls when designing online course content. Here are five tips to consider. Tip 1: Curriculum Should Solve Real-World Challenges Online training scenarios are only truly effective and powerful if they deal with real world challenges or situations that learners will actually encounter outside of the virtual classroom. For a companies designing curriculum to train employees, this means course content should be…

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Adult Learning Styles

What Are Adult Learning Styles, and How Do They Affect eLearning?

While it has become a controversial subject in recent years, the concept of learning styles—the idea that we learn better when the instruction we receive is tailored to our preferred way of learning—still plays an important role when designing online curriculum. Understanding how different people learn is important when design and delivering online training. You want your employees to not only retain the information you have prepared in your online course materials, but also be motivated to put the new knowledge and ideas into practice in the workplace. As well, adult learners have unique needs that should be taken into…

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How Can ELearning Help A Small Business?

How can eLearning help a Small Business?

In the era of cut throat competition and shrinking margins, small businesses are under constant pressure. Anyone who has had the experience of running a business knows how difficult it can be to keep operating costs low and profits reasonable. This is especially difficult when turnover is high and subsequently standards drop. Effectively, the consistency of products and services being offered over time define profits, but the thing to remember is that consistency depends a lot on training. Research has shown that quality training has a direct correlation with quality and consistency of service, and ultimately with business reputation and…

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