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Powerful, yet simple. Unlock eLearning with one-stop cloud-based solutions that deliver results fast.

Whether you need a just-in-time training for your frontline employees, a scalable end-to-end eLearning solution for corporate learning needs, or need to fill the gaps in your existing programs, we have the full suite of products and services you can customize to meet your needs. At Udutu, we’re never all or nothing. Design your training solution YOUR way!


Take Control of Your Employee Training

Udutu’s learning management system is a robust, yet simple to use cloud-based eLearning solution.

Create Personalized learning Experience

Create Personalized Learning Experiences

Employees will embrace the training they need with enthusiasm and intrigue. We adapt to every learning style.

Streamline Your Learning Curve

Streamline Your Learning Curve

For frontline employees, establish training with Microlearning modules that stick.

Get Dedicated Support

Get Dedicated Support

As a valued customer, you won’t feel like you’re in this alone. Udutu is known for our reliable customer service & support.

Launch Training for Every Use

Launch Training for Every Use

Udutu’s LMS can get your employees Onboarded, Compliant, Certified and ready to deliver your organization to the next level.

Address All Your Employee Training Needs

Udutu is committed to helping and supporting clients by solving their online training problems with solutions that fit their budget, time, and skill level.

  • Employee Onboarding – In-house or Remote
  • Quick Deployment
  • Skills Development
  • Compliance Training
  • Just-in-time Frontline Employee Training
  • Channel Partner Training

Why Do We Stand Out

Udutu’s LMS can get your employees Onboarded, Compliant, Certified and ready to deliver your organization to the next level. Create your free forever account now!

  • Quick set-up time allows for easy deployment within a few days.
  • Option for multi-tenant environments to service your franchise or satellite offices – you will always know exactly what’s happening in your business.
  • Our expert solutions can be bundled or purchased separately – you only pay for what you need.
  • Rapid deployment allows you to launch your compliance training quickly.
  • Our PowerPoint to SCORM converters will make course creation a breeze and get your training modules up with embedded video and animations.
  • Udutu’s Authoring Tool collaborative workspaces allow everyone to be on the same page and share the same vision.

End-to-end Training Solutions for Your Growth

Set up training for FREE with Udutu Learning Solutions
Pain-Free | Risk-Free | Stress-Free

  • No programing skills required
  • Full data migration turnkey service
  • Create mobile courses
  • Supports multimedia
  • Just-in-time microlearning for frontline employees
  • Integration with your HR systems through API
  • Branding for your company’s unique look and feel
  • Group users by categories and assign them to training
  • Automations for notifications, renewals & reports
  • Independent contractors (1099) & W-2 compatible
  • Easy batch importing for any department no matter what your head count is
  • Don’t have time to build a course? Use our library of pre-built courses
  • Attach exams to your PowerPoint presentation
  • Expiration window— people can take their training without changing their renewal date
  • Scale whenever you’re ready
  • Ecommerce – for companies who want to sell courses
  • Reporting Analytics, tracking and feedback

Learning Technologies

Instructional Design

Course Development

Course Library

Proctoring Service

Graphic Design

Cloud-Based eLearning Solutions for Every Team

Our tools are powerful enough train a large company on Wall Street, yet agile enough to serve a small business with just a few employees in a small town. Udutu can meet all of your training needs no matter what size company you have.

Authoring Tool

Udutu’s cloud-based, SCORM compliant Course Authoring Tool allows you to quickly create online training for your business anywhere you have an internet connection.

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Udutu LMS

Businesses, institutions and subject-matter experts all over the world rely on Udutu’s Learning Management System (LMS) to quickly launch, manage, and scale training programs.

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PPT to SCORM Converter

Our PowerPoint to HTML5 converter allows you to convert your PowerPoints into a web ready, SCORM compliant course in one simple click, saving you time and effort.

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We’re Here to Help

Get your training up quickly. See how you can deliver mobile-first microlearning for your frontline employees and distribute and track training at scale. Our expert solutions can be bundled or purchased separately, depending on your needs.

Schedule a Discovery Call

Talk to our experts and let us know your training needs.

Get a Comprehensive analysis and solution

Udutu will review your situation and create a comprehensive training solution according to your training goals.

Build and deploy a training platform that works

We’ll build a training platform so you can get right back to work in no time.

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About Us

Udutu offers a-la-carte eLearning Solutions committed to helping and supporting clients by solving their online training problems that fit their budget, time, and skill level. We customize our solutions according to our client’s unique needs. You can choose from our Authoring tool, which lets you create content and material you need for your course. Our Learning Management System (LMS) is a standalone software that’s essentially an online course platform.

Our services are divided into three core solutions:

  • Self-serve: users can access our web-based LMS or Authoring tools(s) and build everything themselves with our support.
  • Turnkey solutions: we’ll work with the company to get their platform set and branded to meet their needs.
  • Integrated solutions: we help customize messaging, branding, and integrations to best suit your goals.
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Our Clients

Udutu is proud to support clients in diverse industries.

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