Proctoring Services

The Seamless Way to Ensure
Exam Integrity

Udutu has joined forces with ProctorFree to offer a higher level of security and confidence to highly regulated organizations and others requiring course and exam proctoring. ProctorFree integrates into Udutu’s award-winning, cloud-based LMS to provide a seamless experience for Udutu LMS users and peace of mind for you.

ProctorFree’s Secure Online Exam
Proctoring Technology

Udutu and ProctorFree have made it easy to authenticate that the people taking your exams have acquired and demonstrated the knowledge and skills needed for the desired function. This is especially important where public safety is at stake.

Rest assured that when it comes time for learners to put their knowledge to the test, ProctorFree will be there to deliver best-in-class online proctoring solutions including fully automated proctoring, human-assisted proctoring, and assessment delivery services.

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