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Udutu PowerPoint to HTML5 Converter

PowerPoint to HTML5 Conversion in One Simple Click

  • Preserve All Effects
  • Multi-Device Compatible
  • Incredible Value
  • Web & SCORM Compliant

How All Our Products Work Together

Udutu is dedicated to making it easy for everyone to develop, deploy, and manage online training and learning. Our online course authoring tool, our hosted learning management system (LMS) and, for those who need it, our course development, curriculum planning, and other professional services present a complete end-to-end training solution. Udutu’s proprietary tools, SCORM engines, and our unique service benefits ensure that you can rely on Udutu for your primary training platform needs while still being able to incorporate and integrate other tools and services with ease. Udutu is the ideal hub for your training with easy-to-use,  affordable core services that ensure rapid course/assessment development and highly scalable deployment options.

The PowerPoint to HTML5 converter allows you to convert your PowerPoints into a web ready course saving you time and effort .

Preserve All Effects

The PPT to HTML5 Converter lets you conver PowerPoint while preserving all your PowerPoint effects such as animations, pictures and triggers.

Incredible Value

For $9.99 a month, the Converter comes with the Authoring Tool which also gives you advanced options to customize your content further.

Multi-Device Compatible

The Presentations you convert will be accessible on all your devices without any loss of content, design or format.

Web & SCORM Compliant

All your Converted PowerPoints will be “Web Ready” and SCORM Compliant allowing you to use them for hosting, training or distribution.


Why our course authoring tool is the best choice for your eLearning project.

Easy Authoring

With the Udutu converter you can quite simply create training and eLearning courses from your existing PowerPoint presentation. Course authoring has never been this easy. Click and convert with one click.

Advanced Features

The tool comes bundled with the authoring tool allowing you to add and edit options in your content, and build detailed screens such as those containing assessments, animations and video.

Scalable Solution

Udutu is a complete eLearning platform so you can scale as per your need, if you want to expand beyond creation of courses. With the LMS and support services available, your eLearning journey is covered.

Support Included

All of Udutu’s services are backed by North America based support to help you make the most of our solutions.

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