Retail & Franchise Managers

Simple, Scalable, Secure LMS for Small Business!

Whether you’re training for regulatory compliance or improved performance, Udutu it the proven LMS for small business you can deploy quickly and scale as needed:

Start Small

Udutu can be implemented quickly for as few as 5 learners.

Grow with your needs

The Udutu platform can serve hundreds of employees for a single organization.


Excellent documentation and great customer support.

Zero initial investment

It’s free to try and has flexible fee structures so you get the best value for your type of training.

IT compliance

Best of breed data handling practices to meet privacy and security requirements.

Case Study


This multi-billion Israeli owned, US based Oil company has acquired several subsidiary retail outlet companies, giving it more than five hundred convenience stores and retail fuel outlets, with several different brand names, corporate cultures, hiring and training policies, etc. The company wanted to establish a hiring, orientation, and training system that would be available online in the retail outlets to help establish a global culture and an understanding of the company’s mission, mandate, policies, and opportunities.

Among other things, the design and distribution of the courses had to take into account the company’s tight security procedures, bandwidth issues in outlying areas, and a wide variation in levels of computer literacy amongst employees. The online learning courses covered general orientation and company policies, and a series of mandatory certification courses such as the handling of liquor, ephedrine, and tobacco, as well as a course in food handling, sanitation and safety procedures, dealing with robbery, etc. These courses are delivered using a custom iteration of our LMS Udutu developed for use on customized laptops and mobile tablets. Although the initial project involved only the retail division, Udutu has expanded their offerings into the refineries and head office.

Start With The Right Tool


Templates allow you to effortlessly present engaging material to learners through interactions, gamification styled scenarios, and rich media presentations. Add branching simulations, case-studies, interactive quizzes, and complex assessments to your online courses.


The Udutu online course authoring tool supports all major graphic, sound, and video formats which are automatically optimized for web delivery. With little to no media production experience, you can easily integrate multimedia into your online courses.


Courses extracted from our authoring tool are SCORM compliant and integrate seamlessly into any SCORM compliant LMS system. If you don’t have an LMS, try our online LMS system. Our LMS supports any SCORM compliant courses you may already have.

Udutu’s Course authoring tool is an easy‑to‑use and easy‑to‑master, web based tool helping you create engaging content that gets results. Create engaging course content that gets results. Get started with our FREE course authoring tool quickly and easily, with no training or programming skills required!

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Udutu’s learning management system (LMS) is an easy‑to‑use, cloud-based, user friendly design, highly scalable, and affordable training system. It will allow you to distribute online courses, track face-to-face and task based learning activities, and manage any number of learners with applicable permissions, tracking and reporting.

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