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Watch the video to see why Powtoon and Udutu make such a great combination.

Udutu and Powtoon join forces making it even easier  and more affordable for you to include engaging videos  and content in your training courses.

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E-learning doesn’t have to be boring!

With Udutu’s course authoring tool and Powtoon’s easy to create visual elements,  your training content is going to be more dynamic and engaging. The adoption and  retention of whatever you want your audience to learn will be improved.

But why stop with your learning content? Powtoon can be used for internal or  external communications, marketing, and any number of other fun and productive  uses throughout your organization, beyond your training needs!

Benefits of using Powtoon

Unlimited Visual Media  Tools

Enjoy 100s of inspirational  presentation templates and  millions of royalty-free images,  music, and footage that you can  combine with your own media  and VoiceOver.

Screen & Webcam  Recording

Record your screen, webcam, or  both to deliver announcements,  tutorials, demos, and more.

Branded Character  Building

Build your own branded characters by customizing hair,  clothing, facial expressions, and animated gestures.

Udutu’s Course Authoring Tool

Udutu’s cloud-based Course Authoring Tool allows you to quickly create online training for your business anywhere you have an internet connection. Our SCORM compliant course authoring tool offers pre-designed templates, supports video and other multimedia, and even allows you to upload and convert PowerPoints and other existing content. While Udutu’s Course Authoring Tool is designed to be easy to use, our in-house instructional designers and graphic designers can help you build an effective curriculum that achieves your training goals.

Get started with our course Authoring Tool today – no programming skills required!

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