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Our prepaid pricing plan lets you pre-purchase credits as you need them, with no monthly commitment.
Each LMS credit costs $5 and one LMS credit is used up the first time a user takes a course. One credit per user, per online course.

Why Prepaid?

The prepaid pricing is designed for organizations who need a fixed one-time price per course for training actually taken. It works with credits. A credit is only used when a course is actually begun, and it gives that user permanent access to the course, no matter how many times it is accessed.  This method is useful if you have a single course that must be repeated annually, or a large number of seasonal workers who all get trained at the same time, and it also helps vendors who are selling courses and want a firm, fixed cost per course.

Try the Udutu LMS with no long term obligation. You can cancel or change your plan at any time.

Prepaid FAQS

How do I purchase credits?

You can purchase credits by logging into your LMS and going to the Membership area.

Do my credits ever expire?

No, your credits will never expire.

If I have annual training, will it cost me a credit every year for each employee?

No, it will only cost a credit for each employee the first time they launch the course as long as it is the same activity. If you have uploaded a new version of the course as a new activity this will require a new credit.

Will I lose my credits if I switch to a subscription plan?

No, your credits will remain dormant in your LMS until you cancel your subscription plan. At that point you will be able to access them again.

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