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Online learning can be an effective tool for educating customers and staff, reducing employee turnover, increasing performance, improving safety, adding product knowledge, policy compliance and provides a host of other ways that it can benefit your organization. It can also provide measurable outcomes and consistent quality of content in an anytime, anywhere, format that is quickly and easily updated, and always current.

Sometimes though, the case for online learning is destroyed because the return on investment hasn’t made sense when you’ve looked at the cost of getting started.

Sometimes a business problem represents an opportunity to save or make money with online courses, but the process of finding software and hardware infrastructure, installing software, and training staff to use an online learning application can outweigh the financial benefit in the short term.

That’s where the Udutu solution can help. We provide an online authoring and hosting environment that you can use today at minimal cost and without training. You can empower the people closest to the project, the subject matter experts, the budget holder, and the folks who own the training opportunity. You can quickly and easily create highly interactive and engaging online courses without having to risk anything, or secure any substantial budget, personnel resources, IT department involvement, or equipment.

Here’s how it works! Our authoring tools are web based, and work online from any browser, anywhere. The course you create can include complex interactions, case studies, quizzes, multimedia, conditional branching, adaptive learning, anything you want. You use templates that you can easily customize, and you should be able to create your first course with no formal training on the use of the tool.

Because it is online, everyone involved can monitor the course taking shape, can discuss and make changes, and can show it to whoever they choose at any stage of development. The result is usually a much better course that has evolved to satisfy everyone as it was being created.

Once you have built a course, you can either deploy it on our server, link to it from any other server, or else you can export it in a universally recognized format and quickly deploy it on any server you choose. You can even create CD–Roms, or you can import the course into a Human Resource Management System or a Learner Management System (LMS) of your choice.

Best of all, the cost is minimal. We are counting on repeat customers because we will continue to provide a value proposition that makes you want to keep using our services. But if you are looking for a cheap way to build a course and take it away, then this is undoubtedly the cheapest solution you can possibly find.

On the other hand, if you want more help, we provide a host of other professional services. We will build your course for you completely, at easy to understand, guaranteed rates that let you set a budget and stick to it. Or, we can offer professional services such as multimedia creation, web design, animations, instructional design, training etc. at competitive rates with the best and most experienced team in the business.

In short we offer a total online learning solution, and you can get started or even build a short course for as little as $30.

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