Custom Content Development

We are experts course creators

Udutu’s online course development solutions will help you convert your existing materials into engaging online content. Our instructional designers, multimedia specialists, and graphic artists will create interactive and engaging courses for your business.


  • Maximize the value and potential of your custom learning content: our courses include a level of instructional and artistic design and all of the content is yours to update, change, leverage and distribute as you wish within your free and private Udutu workspace. This greatly increases the benefit while actually reducing the long-term cost of your custom course(s)/content.
  • Help your organization achieve its goals:  Udutu knows how an effectively designed curriculum, supported with a motivating delivery model, can be a key factor in retaining learning outcomes and achieving goals.
  • Meaningful, practical, and effective: Our offerings are specifically designed, built and priced to ensure your training content can be efficiently created, deployed, updated and leveraged; helping you address individual learners’ or an entire organization’s immediate needs as they continually change.

You may have most of the material already – storyboard, content, graphics, and assessments and need some assistance in putting it all together. Save time and internal resources by engaging us to help you in course development.

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