Zombie Survival Guide: Course or Resource? Make the Right Decision

Person running from a zombie with a book.
May 16, 2023

In a post-apocalyptic world infested with zombies, the ability to deliver knowledge swiftly can mean the difference between succumbing to the undead or emerging as the next Rick Grimes. To ensure the survival and thriving of your team, whether it’s a group of survivors or a business team, it’s crucial to explore the options of equipping them with well-designed courses and valuable resources. Let’s delve into the decision-making process of determining whether the information should be transformed into a comprehensive course or a practical resource, enabling your team to navigate the challenges ahead with skill, expertise and braaainnns.


Should You Build a Course?

If you’re wondering if the information should be put into a course, let’s answer some key questions:

  • Do your learners need a deep understanding of a complex topic?

A deep understanding of zombie behavior, survival tactics, and first aid can mean the difference between life and death. A comprehensive course can provide that knowledge and prepare survivors for various challenges they might face.

  • Does this knowledge need to be obtained before venturing out into the world?

The best time to learn about safely navigating a zombie apocalypse is before you’re face-to-face with a hungry undead. A course can provide crucial preparation and equip survivors with necessary skills and strategies before they need to use them.

  • Would your survivors benefit from a guided learning path with activities and assessments, such as mock scenarios or strategy evaluations?

A course with mock scenarios and survival strategy evaluations can help survivors apply their knowledge, learn from their mistakes in a safe environment, and improve their chances of survival when it really matters.

In a nutshell, a survival course in a zombie apocalypse is like your personal survival boot camp, equipping you with the necessary skills and knowledge to navigate the dangers of the new world.

Should You Build a Resource?

If you’re wondering if the information should be a resource, let’s answer some key questions:

  • Will your survivors need to reference the material frequently?

Swift access to vital information can be the difference between a narrow escape and a close encounter of the undead kind. A pocket-sized first aid pamphlet or an easily accessible infographic on zombie distraction techniques can save lives. These compact guides offer immediate reference, providing essential information right when it’s a matter of life and undeath.

  • Can the learning happen in the flow of work?

Learning frequently occurs in real-time. You may need to quickly figure out how to construct a sturdy shelter or devise a simple yet effective trap to alert you of approaching walkers. Resources like a “Pocket Guide to Post-Apocalyptic Shelters” or an “Illustrated Manual for Improvised Zombie Traps” can provide invaluable support for this kind of impromptu, on-the-move learning.

  • Is the material suitable for a quick-reference format?

Quick-reference materials can be lifesavers – you never know when you might need to forage for obscure but nutritious food sources or navigate swiftly to a safe haven. Resources like a guide on ‘Edible Plants of the Apocalypse’ or a ‘Survivor’s Map to Safe Zones’ can provide this crucial, real-time information in a format that’s as easy to access as a pocket knife.

In essence, a resource in a zombie apocalypse is like your survival toolkit, providing you with quick, practical information to navigate and survive in the treacherous new world.

Courses, Resources, and Braaainnns: The Survival Path

When it comes to surviving in a zombie apocalypse, or thriving in the business world, the journey can begin with creating resources. These quick-reference guides can be put together relatively fast and provide immediate value.

But as your team grows and the challenges become more complex, it’s time to consider building courses. These structured learning paths, akin to a comprehensive survival training program, provide a deeper understanding of complex topics and prepare your team for future challenges.

Keep in mind, it’s not just about the knowledge at hand, but how that knowledge will be used.

In many cases, your team can greatly benefit from the synergistic combination of courses and resources. A well-designed course will immerse your team in practical scenarios, emphasizing the importance of this skill and providing a deep understanding of its significance. And accompany the course with a handy visual guide, which will offer quick-reference access to essential information.

With this powerful combination, your team can both understand the reasoning behind the skill and have a practical tool to confidently execute the skill.

Whether you’re strategizing for a zombie apocalypse or your next corporate learning program, this combined approach ensures that you’re not merely getting by, but flourishing. After all, whether in a world filled with the undead or in a corporate jungle, the goal is not just to endure, but to prosper.

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