What is Gamification?

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October 31, 2022

Online learning and eLearning solutions are all in high demand right now. Have you heard about gamification? Gamification in the classroom is a hot topic, but what does it mean, and what can you do with it? Udutu offers many options for what you can do to incorporate gamification into your online courses.  Also, we will discuss course design services and what goes into designing online courses.  

What is Gamification?  

Gamification is the use of game tactics in non-game settings. That means it is used in educational settings such as a classroom. Moreover, gamification has become a popular trend when it comes to designing online courses and eLearning solutions because everyone likes games. This learning method has proven itself as a successful learning strategy.  

Although Gamification isn’t exactly a new learning idea, it has considerably evolved thanks to the advancements in technology.  Gamification has been innovated through learning management systems (LMS) so that every aspect of a learning curriculum can be accessed in one platform. No matter what your classroom environment is (virtual or in-person), you can utilize gamification tools to improve the learning experience for your students.  

Learning can be fun through gamification in course design services. Let’s learn more.  

 Benefits of Using Gamification in the Classroom  

People play games because they are fun, involve strategy, and can be rewarding since you can win a game and feel successful. In this situation, feeling successful is important since gamification and learning improve engagement and success. Additional benefits include:  

  • Increased attention spans and engagement with learning content. 
  • More engagement with content increases actual retention of material.  
  • Students feel more successful and are more motivated to invest in their learning. 
  • Students are encouraged to complete their assignments.  
  • It offers an organized and structured learning concept.  
  • Immediate feedback and progress tracking. 
  • Healthy competition and socialization.  
  • Learning at individual paces for a safe learning experience. 

It is through these benefits that students and teachers are successful, too.  

Advantages of Gamification for Students and Teachers  

In addition to the benefits of using gamification elements in the classroom, there are also direct benefits for students and teachers. Gamification and eLearning empower students to view their learning as valuable and worthy of their time, which in turn enables them to take ownership of their learning. Therefore, students and teachers communicate more effectively when students are more engaged. Teaching methods are always changing because of the many developments in the technology world. A guaranteed way to engage students with their lessons is through gamification.  

What Are Some Examples of Gamification?  

Let’s explore examples of what gamification can look like in your classroom: 


  •  A point system in which friendly competition is encouraged and motivates learners to do their best and achieve a high score. A leaderboard is special because everyone in the classroom can view the results. Furthermore, Leaderboards can come in various styles, so the teacher can change them or set them up based on how their respective students respond to visible competition.  

Point Systems  

  • Interested in other types of point systems without a leaderboard style that everyone can see at all times? You are in luck! You can utilize individual point systems which only students can see on their devices. Points are awarded for completing tasks, assignments, modules, etc.  

Rewards & Prizes  

  •  Rewards and prizes are always fun, and who doesn’t like winning something? You can combine point systems with prize tiers or have these stand on your own. Either way, your students will work harder for the reward and will feel accomplished once they conquer their tasks!  

Virtual Quizzes & Assessments  

  • With an LMS, you can host virtual quizzes and assessments and host them as individual assignments or play a virtual quiz in a classroom. Partnerships, teams, students versus teachers, and more – the opportunities are endless here for all kinds of fun and games.  

Learning Modules  

  • Again, learn as a group or have students learn independently. Learning modules break learning activities into smaller, more straightforward sections and allow students to take breaks between sections.  

Badges and Quests   

  • Students can conquer learning quests and have badges to show for it. However, this is similar to a leaderboard style if you display badges, but you can also have students earn badges along the way for their own knowledge.  

Choices and Conditional Branching 

  • This is how we incorporate gamification into training courses we develop. Sid Meier, the creator of Sim City stated “A game is a series of interesting choices.” Adding gamification can be as simple as adding scenarios and making the learner “choose” the outcome. This increases retention and engagement. 

How Effective is Gamification? 

 Gamification is effective because students learn best when they feel they are in control of their education. Therefore, that is why gamification has taken off with so much success in the educational industry. Gamification is the perfect blend of human emotion and the power of technology for success and happiness. Plus, you can easily set boundaries with gamification tools, which becomes an easy and efficient classroom to manage! A significant reason why gamification strategies are effective is that course design is customized to your classroom and the needs of your students.  

Experience an Advanced Learning Method with Gamification  

Are you ready to explore ways you can incorporate gamification for your students? We make it easy here at Udutu! Your students will grasp concepts faster and retain the information they need to know. Additionally, learning is always better when it is fun. We offer various options to customize an LMS with all the gamification features you want and need. Gamification is an excellent investment for your students’ education and for teachers’ professional development. 

Are you ready to learn more about implementing gamification into your online course?  

 Contact us now to get started!  

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