Top Features to look for in a SCORM Authoring Tool

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March 20, 2023

When it comes to training and continued education, online learning has rapidly become the norm across all industries and sectors, and for a good reason. eLearning tools and courses can save companies money in productivity and travel time. Additionally, the mechanics of having an in-person classroom setting for employees, it turns out, they prefer the streamlined efficiency and convenience of online training to in-person learning. 

A 2022 Forbes article found that the majority of Americans (55%) said that the quality of online education was the same or better than in-person training. However, what was remarkable about this figure was how much it had grown from the previous year. From 2021 to 2022, the percentage of Americans saying “better than” more than doubled from 3% to 8% and the percentage saying “same as” rose nearly 40%, from 34% to 47%. 

Changes and Advancements in Online Training  

One of the reasons people across the board report an increase in quality when it comes to online learning is that the authoring tools that power these training sessions are better and more advanced than ever before. 

 Modern authoring tools, like Udutu’s cloud-based Course Authoring Tool, create complex and multimedia-based courses that are engaging for learners, and easy to design for instructors. Best of all, because the tool is SCORM compliant, online training courses can be effortlessly accessed and completed by anyone with an internet connection, and on any device. 

However, when it comes to SCORM authoring tools, not all tools are created equal. In order to create a dynamic and accessible training session, you need to start with an authoring tool provider that can tackle the most important features of an easy-to-use and comprehensive online course. 

So, regardless of whether you need to create emergency or immediate training for frontline employees, or an end-to-end eLearning solution for larger ambitions, the process starts by looking for these key features from your SCORM Authoring Tool partner. 

What is a SCROM Compliant Authoring Tool? 

SCORM, (which stands for Sharable Content Object Reference Model), is a set of technical standards for eLearning software. Essentially, SCORM governs how online learning courses and Learning Management Systems work together. Therefore, courses can be created and accessed universally.  SCORM is produced by ADL, a research group sponsored by the United States Department of Defense (DoD). 

What Features are Essential in a SCORM Authoring Tool? 

When creating online training courses, (regardless of content or subject matter), ensure that your authoring tool partner provides the following factors. 

Exceptional Templates 

The success of your online courses starts with a great design. Your authoring tool provider should have a range of templates and designs. This allows you to upload content into a stylish format that is both easy to navigate and grabs attention. 

Choosing an authoring tool provider that has ample templates or themes to choose from is a must. Creating your own design can be a painstaking and a lengthy process. If your authoring tool provider can do the heavy lifting on the design work, you can concentrate your efforts where they matter most – creating the essential content for your learners.  

User-friendly Design and Interface 

Not all your employees are at the same level when it comes to technology. Therefore, it’s important to have a course that users of all abilities can access, regardless of their familiarity with online training. This is especially true for companies creating online courses and training tools for employees who generally don’t work in an office setting. Also, for those who don’t spend a lot of time online or on a computer as part of their day-to-day job. 

As such, make sure that your authoring tool provider can help you craft a course that is accessible and easy to navigate, regardless of the user’s experience level when it comes to eLearning. 

Multimedia Components 

One of the best ways to ensure your learners are engaged with your course from start to finish is to use multiple training tools in your online courses. It’s easy to be distracted when a course consists of straightforward text. Therefore, the best eLearning courses use videos, images, graphs, and other multimedia elements to maintain the end user’s attention. 

Make sure your authoring tool provider can include these valuable elements in your courses, and that it’s easy to upload or insert multimedia pieces in your online courses. 

Assessment and Evaluation Features 

How do you know if your learners have retained the information in your online courses? How can you track the success of your online training tools, and garner feedback and insight that will benefit future online training sessions? 

These questions are easily answered with solid assessment features. Assessment features can include short quizzes on course material, open-ended questions on the success of the course, and everything in between. A great authoring tool partner will be able to create these interactive features and will provide analytics and analysis through these assessments to help determine the course’s success. 

Stellar Support 

Most importantly, when choosing a SCORM Authoring Tool, you want a provider and partner constantly behind the scenes to answer questions and provide ample technical support.   

Creating an effective training course takes expertise, and your authoring tool provider should be your partner from the start. Additionally, they can offer customized solutions that align with your educational goals. 

SCORM Authoring Tool with Udutu  

This is an area where Udutu shines.  

In contrast, our name stems from our commitment to making online learning easier by allowing people to control and create their own content, (aka “You do Too”). Additionally, our commitment to customer service sets us apart. Whether you want to create your own professional online course material on your own terms or want a partner who can assist with all the details of a well-crafted course, Udutu is your best resource for effective eLearning across the board. 

Tell us about your eLearning goals, so we can identify how we can best help you move forward with streamlined, accessible, and exceptional training for your team.  

With Udutu at your side, you can create countless opportunities to grow your team’s knowledge and expertise, one course at a time.  

Contact us today.  

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