Ryan Galitskie

Ryan Galitskie

(Re: Jennifer and Maria) You both were fantastic to work with on the project. I enjoyed the team approach and the experience you both brought added great perspectives.

We appreciated Jennifer’s stylistic designs and her ability to make suggestions from a learner’s perspective – in my opinion this sets you apart from other course creators that may focus only on style. You both were easy to work with and very personable; very much in alignment with what we look for in a partner.

The process was seamless and well communicated. I enjoyed the “command center” and you both were very responsive – from our initial connection until the very end.

We also appreciate the efficiency in the narration portion – helping to select the voice and the creation of the spoken words. Other vendors expressed a challenge with getting this done, but you were very agile here.

I think what also made this course land well with our colleagues was how dynamic the course was – with the suggestion of audio, music transitions, animations, interactions, and flow control this course really stood out compared to others.

Thank you so much for working with us on this and creating a course that we are proud of to have live on as we onboard new employees and continue to cultivate the best in class experience we dedicate ourselves to offer.

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