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We are a small church (600 in attendance). We needed to put our membership class in an online class format but could not afford the fees of the bigger online solutions. Udutu was perfect and the monthly expense is very reasonable. Took some time to learn the software, but once that happened it was straightforward. Highly recommend, especially for smaller organizations like ours with limited budgets.

Great product. Was quick to get up and running, and support was very helpful with any snags that we encountered.

I would recommend this LMS with others, I found customer service very helpful and wish all LMSs could be this easy. Thank you.

A large variety of options to teach and build programs with. Rather than just lecturing, you can make interactive programs that students can go back and forth within.

Development and implementation was very easy.  Corrections were a breeze to make. It is easy to learn how to use.

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