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Build, deploy, and track your training.

Finally. A user-friendly, deploy-in-one-day-with-time-to-spare LMS guaranteed to boost your bottom line and make training a breeze.

Training that pays for itself.

Use your favorite tool or purchase courses to build your training program

As a SCORM-compliant LMS, you can upload training courses from the Udutu Authoring Tool, Storyline, Captivate, Raptivity, and many more. It’s easy to manage and organize all types of content and resources to deliver a complete curriculum.

Gain complete control over each of your learners' training experience

Customize your training program for each user and control access by using Groupings. Group by job role, department, region, or whatever else you can imagine. Hierarchical structuring allows for robust control over your users.

Create curricula and learning paths to direct your learners through their training

Organize your training into defined Learning Paths populated with online courses, face-to-face meetings, and tasks to complete. Whether online or offline, the Udutu LMS allows for blended learning to boost the success of your training.

Training that’s actually engaging.

100% easy access to your training. At all times.

Never worry about distributing your training again. The Udutu LMS and courses are completely browser-based, allowing your learners to instantly access training from any device with a browser and internet connection.

Automate your work with SMART Algorithms

Save time and reduce your workload by utilizing Udutu’s Automation functions. Set up automatic email reminders to learners, managers, or admins when courses are available, ready for renewal, or whether they were passed or failed.

Deploy your training instantly, and with no restrictions

Unlimited users. Unlimited space. Unlimited courses. Unlimited ways to succeed. The cloud-based Udutu Learning Management System is instantly deployable, and infinitely scalable.

Integrate via APIs with your HR software

It’s easy to connect via API to your HR system of choice to host all your employee data in one place. Reduce the amount of duplicate work you have to do by sharing data between the systems.

eCommerce enabled—make a passive income with your training

Set your own prices, sell your own courses, collect your payments! The Udutu LMS makes it easy to monetize all the work you’ve done and distribute that training to all who could benefit.

Proof that your training works.

Robust, up-to-the minute reporting and learner analytics

Easily generate, view, and export reports using any number of criteria: by learner, group, training activity, learning path, and more. Give access to Report Dashboards to your admins and group managers for even more autonomy.

Discover patterns in learning behaviors

All the data you need to make smart decisions—right at your fingertips. Search and sort by completion status, date, type of training, grouping, grade or score, learning path, name, job role, employee ID and much more. The data can be exported and further explored in Excel or Sheets.

Configure your learners’ training experience from the ground up

Design a course catalogue of training for your learners to choose from, define prerequisites and minimum passing grades, and set up automatic notifications for your users.

Customize, download, and print branded learner certificates

Your learners should be recognized for their success. Include branded and printable personalized certificates upon course completion—or design your own!

We do things a little differently...

User-friendly—no programming or help from IT required!
Begin training instantly with Udutu’s trademark One-Day Deployment.
Budget-friendly, yet infinitely scalable. Only pay for active users.
Gamification options and robust scenario builder with branching logic.
Upload courses from marketplaces or tools like Articulate and Storyline.
Plans come packaged with the PPT-to-SCORM converter, FREE ($120 value).
Create complete training courses from PPTs—easily add in assessments and grading.
Cloud-based LMS that works on any device, any OS, at any time.
Blended learning allows tracking of online and offline training efforts.
“Learner View” allows you to see what your users see.
API integration with your favorite tools and HRIS systems.
Loads of resources and support options to ensure your training is the best it can be.
Paid subscribers receive premium phone support and strategy consultation.
The latest facial recognition software with course proctoring capabilities.

Used it for the past 10 years. Very easy to use, intuitive and price is effective.

Tanya S.

This platform is simple and easy to use. The layout is also very simple and easy to use. Give it a try and promise you won't be disappointed!

Sak M.

I have found the Udutu platform to be easy to use and navigate. If you are looking for a platform to sell and facilitate your online courses, this is it. You don't need anything special - the LMS is built intuitively so it just makes sense what you are doing and how to do it.

Wade L.

I think the LMS is really easy to use. Navigation is very easy to understand. I have always had a great experience with Udutu and the customer service they provide. Anytime we have requests Udutu has always been very quick to respond and take care of any issue we have. There are now continued enhancements that will allow us to do amazing things in the future in which will make my job much easier.

Tony S.

It is actually the only software of this type I've ever used. For me who had never worked in training before, Udutu was a very flexible and friendly tool to develop a very complete training program for people all over Latin America.

Paula B.

The LMS and the Udutu team have been A+ in helping us host our online courses.

John K.

A large variety of options to teach and build programs with. Rather than just lecturing, you can make interactive programs that students can go back and forth within.

Melody L.

We are a small church (600 in attendance). We needed to put our membership class in an online class format but could not afford the fees of the bigger online solutions. Udutu was perfect and the monthly expense is very reasonable. Took some time to learn the software, but once that happened it was straightforward. Highly recommend, especially for smaller organizations like ours with limited budgets.

Ron C.

Great product. Was quick to get up and running, and support was very helpful with any snags that we encountered.

David B.

Development and implementation was very easy.  Corrections were a breeze to make. It is easy to learn how to use.

Ross H.

I would recommend this LMS with others, I found customer service very helpful and wish all LMSs could be this easy. Thank you.

Lisa L.

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