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Kickstart your training now. Pick a plan later.

The full version of our Learning Management System is all yours for up to 5 active users per month.

Improve your employees and your bottom line. The Udutu Learning Management System (LMS) is the easiest way for you to distribute, track, and measure the results of your online training courses. No matter your objectives—onboarding, compliance, sales training—Udutu provides you with the results and insights that really matter.

No set-up, hosting, or hidden fees. Start right away.
No time limit to the free trial. Learn at your own pace.
Bank-level security & encryption and no personal information sharing.
Friendly North American customer support team.
Cancel, change, or upgrade your plan at any time.
User-friendly so anyone can excel without help from IT.
No download required, the LMS is completely browser-based.
Register an unlimited number of users, only pay for active log-ins.
Set your own prices, sell your own courses, collect your payments!

Premium set-up & support package available. Details below.

Unlike our competitors, each of the plans come loaded with ALL of our features, so whether you have 10 or 10,000 learners, you’re getting the best all-in-one LMS in the industry.

When you’re ready to grow, we’re there to support you. Our monthly subscription plans only charge by number of active users taking your courses. And yes, the rates really are that affordable.

Transparent and flexible plans for everyone.

Track, measure, report. All features included. Forever.

$ 3.00
$ 2.75
PRO 150-499 USERS
$ 2.50
$ 2.25

All prices listed in USD.

$ 2.40
$ 2.20
PRO 150-499 USERS
$ 2.00
$ 1.80

All prices listed in USD.

Save 20% (that’s more than two months, free!)


Some serious support, for the serious users.

A proper LMS strategy will save you tons of money and time. Let us help.

It’s up to you to find an LMS that works for your organization. You’ve found Udutu, but you don’t have the time to handle the set-up, branding, groupings and other tedious work that come with an LMS. Not to mention the time it takes to come up with an effective strategy for deploying your training online. And that’s not something you want to mess up. We’re here to help.

Get up and running right away with our Premium Set-Up & Support package and you’ll receive:

A personal Account Executive to monitor your account and ensure your success
One-way HRIS/HRMS integration so you can share data with your current system
A Strategy and Execution meeting with our Implementation team
Complete set-up consultation and walk-through to kickstart your LMS
Upload and grouping of all existing users and training data so you don’t have to
Custom branding and styling throughout; for admins and learners
Personalized virtual training for up to 3 admins to enable proficiency
PLUS: a catalog of ready-to-launch courses to help train, educate, and enable your employees

This package is by far and away the best way to get started. It ensures that your training program is designed to be as effective as possible, while taking out much of the manual work you already do. If you need the complete solution, this package is for you. Please Contact Us for pricing information.

Pricing FAQs

Can you give me an example of your pricing?

Monthly Billing: you’ve got 200 employees to onboard this month. That fits you into the PRO tier of pricing at $2.50 per active user. So your total for that month will be $500. The next month, you could change the plan if need be, or carry on with that amount.

Annual Billing: you’ve got 3,000 employees that take various training throughout the year, and each month varies heavily. Our rates are based on the # of active users per month, so you have to divide your annual number by 12. That gives you 250 users per month, thus placing you in the PRO tier of pricing at $2.00 per active user. Your cost per month would be $500, but with annual billing would total $6,000. NOTE: on an annual plan, not only do you save 20%, your monthly user allowances can vary widely, as long as you do not surpass your annual usage.

What is an active user?

An “active user” or “unique login” is any administrator, manager or learner who signs in during the billing period. Once a user has become “active” for the period, there is no limit to the number of times they can login or the number of courses they can access.

Are there any set-up fees or hidden costs?

Nope! We’re proud to be one of the few providers with whom you can get up and running with zero cost to you. The only cost you’ll incur is a per active user fee when you distribute your training to 6+ users per month.

What is the cancellation policy?

Users can cancel at any time, no questions asked. Note that the cancellation initiates at the next billing period (before you’re billed).

How do I subscribe, change, or cancel my subscription?

You can choose a plan, cancel, or upgrade any time within the LMS by clicking “SUBSCRIPTION” on the left hand side.

How does Annual Billing work?

Annual Billing allows you to save 20% on the cost of the users by committing to 1 year. In terms of allotted active users, you can have as many or as few per month as you would like as long as the 12-month average is at or below the number you signed up for. This allows for a lot of flexibility within your plan.

For instance, you anticipate you’ll have around 100 users per month so that’s the plan you sign up for. You choose the Annual Billing option to save some money. During the 12 months, the number of active users varies quite a bit—some months only have 10, others have 300. At the end of your billing period, we add up all the unique active users you had on a month-by-month basis and divide that number by 12. If it’s at or below an average of 100 per month, nothing happens. For averages higher than that, you’re charged $3 per additional active user. Eg. 110 average users would incur a surcharge of $30 on your next bill.

Is the Authoring Tool or PPT-to-SCORM Converter included with my subscription?

Absolutely! When you subscribe to a Udutu LMS plan, you also receive the Authoring Tool and PPT-to-SCORM Converter for free ($120/year savings). The Authoring Tool allows you to save time creating your own courses and deploying instantly to the LMS. Alternatively, if you’ve got an existing PPT that you want to host on an LMS, the PPT-to-SCORM Converter allows you to do that.

What if I want to change my plan? Will I be charged?

You can change your plan at any time via the “SUBSCRIPTION” tab in the LMS. We allow a grace period of 5 days after billing for you to change your plan before the price gets locked in for the period.

What happens if I exceed my number of active users?

If you exceed the number of subscribed users in your plan, you will be billed an overage charge of $3/user on the next billing period. You may modify your plan at any point in time to reflect the number of users you plan to host.

How do I deactivate old users?

You can deactivate users by logging into your LMS and going into User Management and checking the box beside the users you would like to deactivate and selecting the ‘Set Inactive’ button. This retains the records, but they no longer will show up by default in reports. You can still optionally report on those users when necessary.

Note that you will not be charged for these registered users and they won’t be able to log in again until you deem them active.

Do you have enterprise options available?

Yes, we do. Please contact for more information.

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