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Stu Mason

Stu Mason

Co-Director, Sales and Marketing

When Stu Mason isn’t setting up an onboarding drip campaign, he’s got his boots laced up and out exploring Vancouver Island’s wild outdoors. As a new arrival to British Columbia, he’s working on embodying the West Coast persona by investing in plaid-wear, sampling the local craft brews (hello, Dark Matter!), and raving about his bike’s Shimano brake pads.

Born and raised in Yellowknife NT, Stu got tired of taking care of his dog sled team and decided to move to Ottawa, ON for the mild winters. After attending an arts high-school specializing in Fine Arts, he took that experience and applied it to MRU’s one-of-a-kind Information Design degree in Calgary. Post-secondary allowed him to refine his writing, graphic design, UX/UI, and communications skills. Part way through, he took an opportunity to work as a Content Manager in Vancouver for the world’s largest video game publisher, but decided that being a small cog in a corporation that large wasn’t for him. So after completing his degree, Stu moved back to Ottawa to put his skills to the test and start a business.

After concurrently running a hedge trimming business for several years and working as a Digital Marketing Coordinator for a start-up, he successfully sold to one of his employees and took the chance to travel across Canada. Armed with a drone, laptop, and a bed in the back of his van, he travelled East to West for four months to explore and share our great outdoors. He’s happily decided to settle and make a home in beautiful Victoria and is very excited to tell the world about Udutu.

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