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Software Engineer

Nishant is a recent UVic Computer Science Masters graduate. He joined UDUTU as an intern in May 2017 and continued to work as a full-time software engineer from January 2018. In the short span of time being here he has worked on various projects where he has grown as a software engineer with gaining experience in solving various software development problems with the help and guidance provided by the experienced software development team at UDUTU. Some of his projects have involved working with different API’s and integrating them within the existing UDUTU Learning Management System like, Braintree (a PayPal subsidiary), Telerik and GoToMeeting/GoToTraining.

In the near future at the company he aims to gain more knowledge and experience with the existing UDUTU software’s , in order to help evolve the existing system for it to meet the needs and standards of the vast and growing Online Learning Industry.

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