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I have worked alongside Kris for almost 14 years. We have had countless discussions on everything from Politics, Science & technology, Religion, life & raising kids, his eating habits, his smoking, and entertainment (including video games).

He is always well informed and enthusiastic about his point of view. I have never seen him lose his temper.

He had a refreshing combination of high intelligence, an almost childlike innocence, and great compassion

I will miss him terribly.

Roger Mundell


Kris, it’s hard to know what to say. Is it “Goodbye”? “Good luck on the other side”? “I’m sorry”?

There are no words to fill the void your departure leaves for friends, co-workers and especially your family and loved ones. Maybe that’s the point though. The void can never be filled when you’ve touched as much as you have in this world. Your children, partners and family will always remember you.

You are a part of them and your influence will continue for generations.

Your friends, coworkers and even gaming friends (and foe) who may not have actually known your name will long remember you for your brilliance, helpfulness, good nature and lethalness (where the foe were concerned). Even the technologies and applications you excelled in creating will continue to serve thousands around the world and ultimately teach many more thousands on a whole universe of topics for many years to come. If all of that is some indication of a life that has had meaning then yours certainly has.

I say, “I’m sorry Kris.” that I won’t have the chance to spend more time with you, your great humor and your thoughtful, measured contributions to any discussion. Some Tuesday AM meeting debates between Roger and I may never end without your mediations!

I say, ‘Good luck Kris!’ to you on whatever path you find yourself – in part because if anyone can figure out how to communicate what is indeed on the other side, it might be someone as smart as you!

Finally, I say, ‘Goodbye Kris.’ with both sadness and frustration because it’s simply far too soon to have to say so.

Rest in peace my friend.

Richard Mundell


I can’t ever remember Kris being in a bad mood, or angry about anything in the 6 or so years I’d know him.

We would always laugh and argue about comic books, zombie movies and video games.

He inspired me to start coding and was always there to help me, teach me and solve the problems that I would inevitably come up with.

We were fathers, friends and coworkers and he will be someone I will never forget.

Richard Lane (Richie)


I worked with Kris for almost 5 years. He always greeted everyone in the office with a smile.

No matter how busy he was, he always made time to help out with our technical issues.

He was a positive, kind hearted spirit who will be missed greatly.

Lori Stevenson


I had the honour of knowing Kris for the past 10 years as both a co-worker and a friend.

He genuinely was one of the kindest people you could ever meet. He looked at the world with child-like wonder which kept him young at heart.

He was a kind and loving father and I remember how happy and proud he was when his children were born.

Kris was also a creative genius both in his professional and personal life. He had the kind of brilliance that is rare.

He will be missed greatly by all who knew him. The world is less bright without him.

Maria Davidson


Kris was such a great person, nice, considerate, fun, intelligent, helpful and with a pure heart.

He could always guess what I was going to say when I was stuck by an English word that I didn’t know.

I knew he worked something difficult out when he was smiling, shaking his body, snapping his fingers and humming his own songs happily.

I got used to his daily greetings in the morning and afternoon. He said he would see me on Monday, but he didn’t…

He was my best coworker and friend that I will never forget.

Meng Dong


I have worked with, and known Kris for nearly 14 years.

He was a kind, gentle soul and one of the smartest people I know. I can still see his smiling face and happy greeting every morning as he came bounding into the office.

He loved his work and his brilliance in e-learning software development – and technical expertise in general – was exceptional, bordering on genius.

He truly was our “Guru” here at Udutu.

I will miss you Kris. Rest in peace brother.

Laureen Barry


I lost a very dear friend today. Kris was a genius in the truest sense….brilliant, idiosyncratic, curious, fun-loving, avant garde, a wonderful father, husband and friend.

He had a big heart and exemplified a true peacemaker.

I pray he finds the same peace as Jesus said, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God”.

I don’t know how to process this loss right now but to share the loss with all those who knew him and loved him.

Gary Baker – Delek US


I had the great opportunity to work with Kris for the last 8 years and he was a great friend and I really enjoyed working with him.

I feel like I have lost a brother and he will be missed.

One great thing is that the exceptional work and his personality will live on forever.

Tony Shaneyfelt – Delek US

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