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Each month Udutu publishes Personal Online Learning Management News, a curated selection of articles about learning, LMS other topics related to adult online training.

Why Online Training Must Focus on the User Experience

According to two academics who study online training, online learning technologies not help employers reduce costs, but also improve employee retention. Employees become engaged when they aware of job functions, aims and organizational goals, while learning the necessary skills and expertise needed to get promotion.

However, the researchers say, while online learning technologies are becoming more and more common in the workplace, organizations need to increase focus on the user experience and design of digital learning to actively engage learners.



How Long Does it Take to Design One Hour of Instruction?

How long does it take to design one hour of instruction? Presenting studies from 2003, 2009 and 2017, this article by HR giant ADT tries to answer that question by comparing the results.


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5 Ways To Increase Employee Retention with a Learning Management System

Untrained employees are demotivated and frustrated, while well-trained employees are generally happier and capable of representing your business in a positive manner. Learning management system (LMS) platforms are a great way to provide engaging and motivating learning and development (L&D) strategies ensuring your employees are challenged and have a clear path to progress.

Here are five tips for using an LMS to help with employee retention and, most importantly, how you can essentially automate the process.


Two in Three Workers Leave Because of Lack of Training and Development

A recent study has found that two in three workers will quit because of a sheer lack of development opportunities. In the study, nine in ten of the employees interviewed admitted that they wanted their employer to offer more training courses. “It’s safe to say that training and development is a key area companies need to focus on, it’s a win-win for all,” said one researcher.


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