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January 12, 2018

Each month Udutu publishes Personal Online Learning Management News, a curated selection of articles about learning, LMS other topics related to adult online training.

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How Training Can Help With Employee Retention, Even for
“Mobile Workers”

Google estimates that 80 percent of the global workforce is made up of employees without a desk or dedicated computer. These employees are crucial to today’s economy, yet many organizations struggle with retention. Training provides a powerful tool for to help retain these employees. Read more >>


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How Skills Training Helps Local Shops Survive Minimum Wage Hike

A minimum wage hike in Ontario has left several many small business owners wondering if they’ll survive. Here’s how three local businesses have been forced to change–including offering technology-based training–in 2018 in order to survive the minimum wage hike. Read more >>

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How to Include Technology With Your Training Tools

The digital natives who make up more and more of your workforce are accustomed to having multiple devices with readily accessible internet access. Studies show they have an attention span of approximately eight seconds and are multi-tasking masters.
Since the use of technology to perform and track daily job duties has become an expectation, how do you adjust manuals and training tools to meet the needs of this new generation? Read more >>

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Top 3 Gamification Trends That Will Impact Small Businesses in 2018

By incorporating gamified design elements such as leaderboards, badges, and points-based rewards into HR and learning management, small businesses have been able to measure and enhance employee engagement.
However, innovating the employee experience is just one side of the gamification coin. This article examines three gamification trends predicted for 2018, how they’ll impact your business, and how to prepare.

Adult Learning Is Good for Your Health and Well-being

One of the predictors of how healthy we our is our education level–and in particular the number of years spent in school.
How does adult learning benefit our health? There are five themes that come up in the evidence.

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