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October 13, 2017

Each month Udutu publishes Personal Online Learning Management News, a curated selection of articles about online learning, LMS and other topics related to adult online learning.

The Job Training That Every Company Should Be Doing

“I am firmly in the ‘everyone needs training’ camp because I have learned that people do not have similar experiences in life, and the lack of shared experiences, even in professional settings where people ‘look’ the same, means that people interpret similar situations in wildly different ways. This is a huge problem when it comes to policy, because what is ‘appropriate’ to one person is completely inappropriate to others.” Read more >>

5 Reasons Employee Training Fails

A brief review of the 5 most common reasons why employee training fails offers some serious insight on how to better your own firm’s training regimes. By studying the frequent failures listed below, a savvy manager can guarantee their workers receive the best training possible, and that their improved behavior last well into the future. Read more >>

4 Simple Questions to Ask Execs to Plan Training for 2018

Executives are generally concerned with either solving business problems or achieving business goals. Problems are issues that are causing something negative to happen in the business. To ensure that training is aligned with the company’s strategic direction, you need to ask about the company’s problems and goals. Here are four questions to set you up for success. Read more >>

To Better Train Workers, Figure Out Where They Struggle

Companies should see entry-level staff as a source of value rather than cost, and should evaluate the possible ROI of a new hire and take action on that basis. The argument is not just that doing so would help young people find jobs (though it will); it can also improve performance in measurable ways. “Win-win” is an overused term in business, but in this case, the cliché fits neatly. Better, data-driven training for entry-level positions really can benefit both employees and their employers. Read more >>

Employee Success Begins With Replacing Legacy Training

If training was a SaaS product, how would companies sell it? They would probably pack in elements like context, relevancy, personalisation, ease of use etc to make it as appealing as possible. Contrast this picture with the current state of affairs in internal employee training. Read more >>

How Training Managers Can Improve Workers’ Mental Health

Basic mental health training for managers can reap significant benefits for workers’ mental well being, a world-first study published today in the The Lancet Psychiatry suggests. Read more >>

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