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5 Unexpected Outcomes of Employee Training

Everyone knows properly training a new hire is critical. What retailers may not realize is that it’s equally important to continue training for employees of all levels throughout their careers. In addition to staying up to date on product knowledge and customer service best practices, there are several benefits that come from ongoing education, such as staff retention, increased sales and interest from prospective employees.


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How to Achieve Better Employee Engagement in Safety and Health Training Sessions

Facilitating employee engagement in a training session starts before the first employee walks into the training room. You might not think that something as seemingly innocuous as the arrangement of the chairs could have such a profound effect on the mood, receptiveness, attention span and interest level of your attendees, but this nuance – because it appears so unimportant – is missed by most safety trainers, and most often not even given a passing thought.


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What Trends Will Shape Employee Training in 2018?

This past year was heavily focused on microlearning, or the proven impact of offering training in short, concentrated bursts. Microlearning will continue to dominate how trainers approach employee learning in 2018.

In addition to microlearning, the Association for Talent Development has identified some powerful trends that will change and improve how employees learn.


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5 Tips for Providing Better Staff Training and Development Opportunities

Providing training and development opportunities can be easy to put off in favor of more pressing tasks. Here are some tips for getting refocused and helping your staff members grow professionally.


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