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Learn, Coach, and Share With Udutu's Corporate Online eLearning Software (LMS)

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Our corporate online elearning software (Learning Management System) provides all the essential elements, features and functions you need for your learning and training requirements.

  • Easy to Use
  • Authoring Tool
  • Robust Reporting
  • Progress Measurement
  • User Friendly Design
  • Custom Learning Path
  • Sell Your Courses Online
  • Gamification Option

While many employers see the need for improved training of their employees, they too often send out training materials that are not very engaging; very often in the form of PPTs.

Even if your employees review these slides (and many employees will not), the primary learning objectives of most of these PowerPoint slide decks are often missed or poorly, and rarely tracked or reported on. It can mean a waste of time and energy on a training program that simply doesn’t work and the intended changes in how the organization runs are often lost.

So, management is left wondering why workplace behaviours or practices still haven’t changed despite “Everyone having got the memo”. A misplaced focus on handing out presentation material rather than preparing, distributing, tracking and reporting on actual training material is the common shortcoming for so many organizations.

It’s one thing to simply distribute a document or PowerPoint presentation, however, ensuring it was understood and having the tracking and reporting show who and where those learners are is the key in making training activities more productive, more cost effective, and ultimately more beneficial.

Create engaging course content that gets results. Get started with our FREE Learning Management System quickly and easily, with no training or programming skills required!


UDUTU offers a Learning Management System that provides all the essential elements, features and functions you need for your learning and training requirements.

How All Our Products Work Together

Udutu is dedicated to making it easy for everyone to develop, deploy, and manage online training and learning. Our online course authoring tool, our hosted learning management system (LMS) and, for those who need it, our course development, curriculum planning, and other professional services present a complete end-to-end training solution. Udutu’s proprietary tools, SCORM engines, and our unique service benefits ensure that you can rely on Udutu for your primary training platform needs while still being able to incorporate and integrate other tools and services with ease. Udutu is the ideal hub for your training with easy-to-use,  affordable core services that ensure rapid course/assessment development and highly scalable deployment options.


Why our corporate online elearning software (LMS) is the best choice for your training.

Easy to Use

The user experience in the LMS is intuitive for admins and end users, allowing you to set up the LMS to reflect your organizational structure.

Authoring Tool

The Udutu LMS comes with our authoring tool which allows you to create highly  interactive e-Learning courses in your browser, for free!

Robust Reporting

Extract actionable data from your LMS with built-in reporting options. Use the standard reporting options or dive deeper with a Udutu Pro membership.


Keep track of learners and their milestones while measuring their progress, performance and learning behaviors.


Your LMS reflects your brand, so it has to look good. Use the Udutu LMS’s content management areas to express your creativity and unique branding.

Learning Path

Unlimited options to create and assign role based learning paths and sequences for training content to learners.

Sell Your Courses

We don’t take a cut from your course sale profits. You created the courses so we believe you deserve one hundred percent of the revenue earned.


Gamification options allow you to supercharge your learning engagement, reward performance and make eLearning fun.

Course Authoring Tool Core Customers

“Whether you are a large corporation with a sophisticated learning environment, or a small organization just beginning to venture into the world of online learning, Udutu offers a user-friendly course authoring solution you can count on.”


Executive and Corporate Managers

HR, IT and Training Managers in corporations looking for an easy and instant solution for their business training needs should use Udutu. Whether it’s to meet the short term training needs for a group of employees, an independent business unit or a department, now you can use Udutu to meet your needs instantly without any capital costs or help from your IT Department.


Small & Medium Size Business Owners

Business Owners without the capital or operational budget to invest in an expensive eLearning solution, can use Udutu for a low cost yet feature rich eLearning platform. It will meet all their employee needs such as  compliance, onboarding and skills based training. The platform will grow with your business so you will always be covered.


Content Creators &  Experts

Individuals with subject matter expertise but without any programming skills, can use the simple to use Udutu platform to create and distribute their knowledge. Whether you have 5 or 50,000 learners, the platform allows you to scale as per need, while providing all the features of a world class solution.


Retail & Franchise Managers

Retail chains and franchises, such as convenience stores with high turnover rates, can most effectively use Udutu to impart and distribute automated training content. This could include onboarding, compliance and particular niches, eliminating the need for training managers while reducing costs and work hours lost.

A Learning Management System backed by quality on-demand support and services.

Private LMS

Udutu provides you with a personal LMS account that gives you total control over your choices, preferences, design and security options.


Customized groupings and even ad-hoc ‘Classrooms’ for your learners to ensure only those who should see a particular course can do so.

SCORM Compliant

Udutu is fully SCORM compliant meaning you will never ever have compatibility issues with your content. Now you can create and distribute content with peace of mind.


Customized branding, look and feel for any number of LMS accounts you may require. Now you can make your LMS look exactly as you want.

Curriculum Tracking

Entire curriculum tracking; tasks, meetings and exercises, in addition to your online courses and tests.

Free Credits

Upon account activation, you get 5 free credits ( $25 Value) allowing you to train 5 of your learners for free.

Udutu Learning Management System

Create engaging course content that gets results. Get started with our FREE Learning Management System quickly and easily, with no training or programming skills required!

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