Can I create training videos that will also be interactive so the user can take a quiz at the end and keep scores?

Yes, our authoring tool allows for the inclusion of videos which you upload and then are automatically converted to Flash. If you expect your course to have a lot of video (or many learners) you will find that a specific video hosting provider will have faster streaming, more flexibility for mobile devices, a greater variety of video player options, and some other advantages over any authoring tool – not just Udutu. Video hosting providers we recommend are Sorenson 360, Vimeo and, of course, YouTube but there are many others out there.

You then simply use the embed code provided by these services to include your videos into your Udutu course screens. To embed a web based video in your course follow these steps:

  1. On the site where the video is being hosted, select and copy the Embed link for the video. Different providers will have different places to access this code – usually as part of their Share options.
  2. Add a Text Only Screen Template to your course. (Any other basic screen with a rich text area can also be used)
  3. Click the Edit Button you see when you roll over the text portion of the screen.
  4. In the Rich Text Editor, click the HTML icon <> (located below the text editing box). This will put you into the HTML editor mode.
  5. Paste in the embed code you accessed from the video hosting site/service.
  6. Click Save

To preview the screen, select Preview from the main screen of the course authoring tool.

NOTE: You can change the alignment (center, left, right) and change the size of the video by using the options in the text editor and/or by working directly in the HTML code (ie: change the height and width of the video in the HTML)

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