On assessment screens, the difference is that scored items will report a score back to the LMS (if you use one) and with scored assessments, the learner only has one chance to answer the question and their response is “locked in”. When an assessment screen is marked as “self-assessments” the learner can refresh the screen and try again. These types of screens also display a ‘Show me’ button that the learner can use to have the correct answer(s) revealed to them. 
For all other screens, there is no effect unless you are an advanced course authoring tool user that has chosen to add a custom Flash movie or javascript.  In this case, changing the status of an advanced or basic screen to “scored” will allow you to take advantage of the UDUTU_API to create your own assessments out of basic screens. Again, please note that this is an advanced feature that the large majority of course authors never use.
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