Is there a way to include short answer responses in assessment screens within the course?

There is no assessment template in the tool which captures free entry text. The reason is it’s impossible to systemically determine what’s a correct, incorrect or partially correct answer when these types of answers are given. It requires an instructor/teacher to view and assess the responses manually. As the tool is designed for creating fully asynchronous learning, this type of functionality has never been added.

That being said, there is a work-around that can be implemented in order to incorporate something like this into your Udutu courses.

You can choose to embed survey questions directly into a course screen using a third party tool such as SurveyMonkey, or. Both of these tools would allow you to collect free form answers as part of a ‘survey’, however, they would have to be reviewed in their interface and there would not be any scoring applied to the screen other than complete/incomplete.

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