Upload & Edit a Course, Face-to-Face Session, or Task

To Upload a Course, Face to Face Session or Task to My Activities
Logged in as an Administrator, begin by selecting the Activities Management tab on the left of your LMS screen.
  1. Click the “Add Activity” button.

My Activity buttons

    2. Select the appropriate learning activity type from the menu.
  • Course
  • Video
  • PowerPoint
  • Document
  • Quiz
  • Face to Face (F2F)
  • Task
  • GoToMeeting Session
  • GoToTraining Session

  1. For online courses, browse for the course zip file. For Videos, PowerPoints, Documents and Quizzes follow the instructions to create your activities. For F2F or Tasks, the “Browse” option can be used to upload/link to a document.
  2. Click “Create Activity” to begin loading your files into the LMS account.
NOTE: At this point your learning activity is uploaded, however, no one will be able to see it. If you want your learning activity to be made available to your learners you need to ensure they have permissions to view the course.

Edit Options

Edit Activity Options


  • Activity Name: Course name displayed in learner view/reports.
  • Description: Displayed on course icon in learner view.
  • Maximum Number of Attempts: Limits how many times a learner can access course. (Zero = unlimited).
  • Number of Tuition Credits to Deduct: Used to apply a cost to this activity.
  • Activity is Active: Add a check mark to make this available to your learners.
  • SCO Title: Title for this “SCO” or module of the course. (|Can usually be left as is)
  • Passing %: Sets passing grade required in order to mark a scored module/course as “Passed”.
  • Attached Certificate: To award a certificate to your learners for successfully completing this activity (course, f2f, task, GTM, GTT session), select a certificate from the drop-down list. For more information about creating certificates, click here.

Additional Settings

Additional Settings


  • Category: Used to group activities in learner’s view.
  • Activity Code: Optional label for identifying course.
  • Available Date/End Date: Limits availability. (For GoToMeeting and GoToTraining Sessions, a session start and end time is also required)
  • Credentials Renew: Select this if you want this course to be re-taken on a specific date or a specified amount of days after being successfully completed by the learner.
  • Completion Password (Available for Tasks and Face to Face Sessions, GoToTraining and GoToMeeting sessions only): Adding a password to this field makes it mandatory for the learner to input the password within the activity in “My training” in order to show as “completed”. Note:Passwords are case sensitive.
  • Time Limit (Minutes) (Available for Tasks only): Requires the learner to wait until the timer has lapsed before this Task is “completed”.
  • Width/Height: Used to manually adjust the size of the window that opens when a course is launched. (Udutu courses automatically open in the correct size).
Edit Course Content
Edit Activity Content

  • For Online Courses: Click “Choose File” to replace the file associated with the course
  • For Other Types of Activities: Click “Edit Activity” to go back to the activity builder to edit the activity.

Edit Activity Pre-requisities

IA01e_upload edit course

This feature allows you to lock an activity from the learner until the activity defined as the pre-requisite is successfully completed.

  1. Use the “Add Prerequisite” button and select a prerequisite for this activity from the drop-down menu.
  2. Set a minimum passing grade for the prerequisite (if applicable).
  3. Click “Update Prerequisite” to save changes.

Note: If you add a second or third activity for this prerequisite, if any activity is successfully completed, the next activity will be made available.

  • Or pass group: Use this option to select a group or folder of activities as the prerequisite.
  • Is Global: Setting a prerequisite as “Global” permanently links the prerequisite to the activity. If the activity is added to a learning path, the prerequisite will be included with the activity.

Note: To add additional prerequisites, click the “Add Prerequisite” button.

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