What is the ten dollar a month subscription about?

For ten years we have provided the authoring tool absolutely free, and included the ability to convert Powerpoints into HTML or Flash. As flash has declined, both as a technology and also in terms of browser support, it became necessary to provide an alternative conversion process that could convert animations into HTML5 or javascript that would work on devices such as iPads or mobile phones.

So we replaced our own utilities with a licensed third party product that would cost hundreds of dollars for you to buy as a desktop tool, but which we can make available to those who need it for just ten dollars per month. If you don’t need to convert PowerPoints to SCORM compliant HTML5 then you don’t need this option. From a pedagogical perspective it is always better to translate the learning objectives of your PowerPoint into interactive templates in the authoring tool, rather than just importing directly. (PowerPoints tend to assume someone is also leading a linear presentation). But you can import it and add interactive screens and assessments after it is in the tool.

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