What settings should I use in order to generate a .zip file of my Udutu course that is compatible with the Moodle 2.4 platform?

It appears that in Moodle versions 2.4 and 2.5 the support for SCORM 2004 does not work correctly. Click here for more details.

In order to make your zip compatible with Moodle 2.4/2.5, you should choose SCORM version 1.2 before you zip up your course file. You do this when you first open the course in the authoring tool and the top folder in the outline is highlighted. You will see the options for both SCORM on the right hand of your screen. Udutu defaults to 2004. Change this setting to 1.2 and be sure to click Save once you’ve made your choice. 

Scorm extraction options


Then,simply go to the “Distribute” tab and click “extract” under option B. This will prepare a zip file of your course which you then download and save to your device.

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