Send Email

This feature can be used to notify users that they’ve been enrolled into an activity.
IA03a_send mail

Email Options

 Send Email
  • Email Subject: Auto-populated with course name; this can be edited.
  • Send to Permission Users: Select the applicable group of users enrolled in the course that you want to send email.
    • Undefined: Send email to all enrolled users.
    • Officer: Send email to all enrolled Officers.
    • None: No enrolled users are selected.
    • Administrator: Send email to all enrolled administrators.
    • Learner: Send email to all enrolled learners.
  • Other Emails: To send an email notification to others, input their email address here.
  • CC me: Add a check mark here to send this email notification to the email associated with your user credentials (User Management)
  • Message Type: Select from “Email” or “Meeting”. Note: Learners can save meetings to iCalendar (Outlook, Hotmail ect).
  • Location (Only applicable when message type “meeting” is selected): Used to include a meeting location.
  • Start Time/End Time: (Only applicable when message type “meeting” is selected) Defines meeting timeframe.
  • Email Message: Add your personalized message here.
  • Next: Click “Next” to generate the list of email recipients. Note that users without an email address will not receive your message.


  •  To add an email address for a user, refer to User Management.
  •  Uncheck the checkbox if you want to remove a user from the email list.

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