Scenario Template Types

The ingredient that is common to both successful games and successful online scenarios is, to quote the noted game designer Sid Meier, “A series of interesting choices”.

Udutu’s scenario templates make it easy to create immersive scenarios, case-studies, and simulations without expensive programming or technical assistance. Depending on the choices the learner makes, the path may lead him/her to:

  • The next exercise if he/she answers successfully.
  • A remedial screen if his/her answer was partially correct or incorrect.
  • An additional module if he/she requires further instruction.

Scenario Template Types



This blank template allows you to “start from scratch” and add your own screens.

2I01b_advanced assessments 22I01c_advanced asessments 3

Advanced Assessment
Each choice the learner makes can lead to various levels of success or failure and can compound to a variety of outcomes.
 2I01e_simple conditional

Simple Conditioning
The learner can be presented with alternate scenarios, branching off of their responses to the initial situation.
 2I01f_self directed

Self-directed Assessment
The learner is allowed to select an incorrect choice. Learner is left to discover at the end of the scenario that they’ve made the wrong decisions or taken the “wrong” pathway.
 2I01g_self directed learning

Self-directed Learning
The assessment is presented at the outset and allows those who feel they know the answer to challenge it, while giving others the option to explore additional learning resources first. If the learner fails the assessment they are redirected back to the additional resources.
 2I01h_best practice

Best Practice
Bad choices are immediately corrected and the learner is put back onto the “best” pathway.


Tip: All scenario templates are pre-populated with screens to help you get started. Screens may be added, deleted or re-arranged in every template type.  If you would prefer to “start from scratch”, choose the blank template. 

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