How should I upload a PowerPoint with voice over?

Question: I have a PowerPoint with a voice-over embedded in it which is formatted as a .mp4. Which screen type should I use to upload the PowerPoint w/voice?

Answer: Either the single screen or the multiple screen options should work fine. When you select Convert Powerpoint you will be prompted to choose between converting your PPT into a single object that plays within one screen of your course, or, you can select it to convert each PPT slide into a separate screen. In both cases, the PPT content is converted into HTML5 and it should convert your audio with it.

As there’s a lot that goes on with these conversions. Note a few things to help ensure success:

  1. While most animations, audio files, etc are converted successfully, there are many times where something not quite part of the mainstream can fail in conversion. Third-party components (animations, actions, etc) used in PPT, highly customized features, fonts that are not compatible with HTML, other things can cause issues. 
  2. Keep your PPTs optimized for viewing on the web by keeping images and graphics to smaller sizes and in browser-compatible formats (GIF, JPG, PNG).
  3. Use fonts that are known to be supported by all browsers. The converter will find an approximate font to use when a non-compatible one is used in the PPT, however, this may cause some formatting on other layout issues in your conversion.
  4. Patience. If conversion doesn’t work, please try it again. If it fails a couple of times, contact us at can we’ll see if we can work out the issue. Please forward the PPT when possible.
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