1. Create a classroom for that activity.
  2. Create a F2F training activity in Activity Management.
  3. Assign permanent permission to the classroom and define any email rule alerts.

group permissions


After the class has run and you have a list of attendees, input their records into the system as follows:

  1. Edit the classroom by clicking on it, and from the alphabetized list of all employees highlight the ones who attended. Hit the ‘>’ button to place them in the classroom. Click ‘Save’.
  2. Go Activity Management and choose “Edit Training Records”.
  3. From the drop down list choose the activity and classroom. Click ‘Get Records’.Untitled-Edit training records
  4. The list of learners that comes up will contain only the current class. Change the records to ‘Complete’ for learners who attended that class.

Subsequently, when you repeat the class with a new cohort:

  1. Edit the classroom and click ‘<<<‘ to remove all previous participants.
  2. Add new participants.
  3. Follow the same procedure described above.
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