How do I manually enter training records for face to face training?

  1. Create a classroom for that activity.
  2. Create a F2F training activity in Activity Management.
  3. Assign permanent permission to the classroom and define any email rule alerts.

assign training

After the class has run and you have a list of attendees, input their records into the system as follows:

  • Edit the classroom by clicking on it, and from the alphabetized list of all employees highlight the ones who attended. Hit the ‘>’ button to place them in the classroom. Click ‘Save’.

add users to classroom

  • Go Activity Management and choose “Manage Training Records”.

manage training record

  • Select the Classroom you want to add training records for.

batch add records

  • The list of learners that comes up will contain only the current class. Change the records to ‘Complete’ for learners who attended that class. There are 3 different option for adding the learning records:
    1. Add a new record for learners who have never attended the training only
    2. Add a new record to anyone who has never attending the training and update existing records for people who have attended the training.
    3. Add a new record for everyone.

adding records

Subsequently, when you repeat the class with a new cohort:

  1. Edit the classroom and click ‘<<<‘ to remove all previous participants.
  2. Add new participants.
  3. Follow the same procedure described above.
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