I would like to offer my learners the choice of completing a course in either English or Spanish, is this possible in the LMS?

Yes, it is possible, if you have the course in both english and spanish. You can upload both versions of you course and set the LMS so that completing one of these courses is all that is required to consider the learner’s training as complete.

  1. To do this upload both versions of your course into the LMS.
  2. Then go to Activity Management/Learning paths and create a new learning path.
  3. Within this new learning path, you add a group folder, by clicking on the “group” button.
  4. Add both versions of the course into the group folder.
  5. Add a description to the description field to explain what the requirements are for marking this group folder as completed. (“Complete one of the following courses”)
  6. Set the number of completed activities required to mark this group folder as complete.  (“1”)
  7. Click “Save”.
  8. Then set up your permissions for this learning path.
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