Learning Paths Tab Overview

To generate a list of all the Learning Paths in the library, click the “Export Report” button. To find a specific Learning Path, scroll down the list or type the name of the Learning Path in the “Search” box.
Learning Path buttons

  • Edit: Edit Learning Path name, description, number of allowed attempts and course prerequisites.
  • Permissions: Assign access (enrol) specific users, roles, or groups.
  • Delete: Delete Learning Path from the library.
  • Send Email: Email learners to notify them that they have been enrolled into a Learning Path.
  • Email Rule: Set up automatic emails to advise learners of completion status/reminders.
  • Manage Training Records:  This feature allows an administrator or report manager to mark a Task, F2F, G2M or G2T session within a Learning Path as complete for a specific learner, or a group of learners.

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