Incomplete User

Used to generate reports that include users that have accessed a course but have not completed the course.

  1. Select the appropriate filters from the dropdown menu(s).
  2. Click “Create Report”.


Report Filter Definitions

Please select a Group: Use this to select a particular group of users to add to the report.

Course Type: Use this to filter your search to a specific type of learning activity:

  • All Courses: Displays all types of courses in the course list.
  • Online Course: Displays only online courses, videos, PowerPoints, documents and quizzes in the course list.
  • Face to Face Session: Displays only face to face sessions in the course list.
  • Task: Displays only tasks in the course list.

Course Category: Includes all course categories created in Course List/Edit, “Edit Course Options”.

Course: Used to filter your search to one specific course or activity.

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