How do I import my Udutu course into Moodle?

You can add the course to an existing Moodle course as a SCORM activity. This will allow the course to be viewed within the Moodle course display page, with the existing Moodle headers and side menus around the course.

You will first need to zip your Udutu course and download it to your computer. To do this:
1. Open your Udutu course for editing.
2. Click the “Distribute” tab.
3. Click the “Extract” button in the “Extract your course” section.
4. Click the link provided by Udutu to download the course in a zipped file to your computer.

Next, you can import the course within Moodle.

The steps to follow to complete this are:
1. Open your Moodle course in edit mode.
2. You can either add the content at the root of the course, or as one of the units. Choose the drop down next to the course or unit marked “Add an Activity” and choose “SCORM/AICC”.
3. Enter the name and summary description for the Udutu course.
4. Click “Choose or Upload File” button to go to the Moodle Course File Screen.
5. Click “Upload a File” and click the “Browse” button to navigate to the zipped version of your Udutu course.
6. After finding the zipped Udutu course, download the file using the “Upload this file” button within Moodle.
7. You will see the Udutu course listed within the Moodle Course File Screen. Click the “Choose” link to associate your course with Moodle.
8. Click “Save and display” to see your course within Moodle.

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