To help you get started using Udutu Authoring we created this Getting Started Guide that will walk you through getting set up and creating your first course.

1.    Set up your free account:

a.    Go to

b.    Click on “Click here to sign up to use Udutu for free” and complete the registration form.

c.    Click on the link provided in the confirmation email to validate your account.  Now you are ready to log in and begin!

 Note: Your validation email should arrive in your inbox soon after you register. If it doesn’t, check your junk mail folder.

2.    Create your first course:

Log into Udutu Authoring using your email (username) and password. When you log in, the Workspace Page is displayed. There are 3 main parts to your workspace:

udutu main workspace

a.    Select Option A to create a new course.

b.    Give your new course a name.

c.    Click “create new course”.


3.    Let Assist U Help you get started.

When you create a new account you will have the option to take a couple of quick tutorials to familiarize yourself with the Udutu Authoring environment.

help guide

If at any point in time you want additional tutorials click the walkthru, guide button at the top right corner and search for the topic of your choice. Now you are ready to begin authoring!

For steps on authoring and a detailed guide see our Udutu Authoring User Manual.  If you have questions check out our FAQs Resource.

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