What is the catch? How can the authoring tool be free?

For many clients the question is, “If it’s free, what’s the catch?”. A fair question but there really isn’t one. Our authoring tool has been, and will continue to be free – always. We make our revenues through other related services such as hosting, custom course development and our innovative LMS solutions. We also have an LMS subscription program opens up hosting and the LMS options for subscribers.

At this time, we have over 80,000 registered accounts who have signed up for the Udutu Authoring tool over the years. Some use the tool exclusively and continually while others only occasionally or not at all. The variety of users is extensive in both industry/sectors and geography. It includes single individuals teaching, “How to walk a dog.”, along with the likes of IBM, United Nations, and numerous other corporate, educational and governmental organizations worldwide teaching complex and sensitive topics with engaging, great looking courses. They are all doing this efficiently, cost effectively, securely and reliably while using Udutu.
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